Sleeping in a clean and healthy environment is essential for health, but perhaps not everyone thinks of the fact that – in addition to normal household cleaning – it is also important to keep the mattress sanitized . Because there, as on all other surfaces, bacteria and mites can nest. Precisely for this reason it is essential to clean it carefully , perhaps using a natural but effective product. Such as bicarbonate , which is a real ally for cleaning, but which thanks to its versatility is also useful for many other domestic uses. How to sanitize the mattress with baking soda
The first thing to do to sanitize the mattress with baking soda is to remove blankets, sheets and mattress covers and then make sure there is no dirt by cleaning with a cloth or vacuuming.
Afterwards, the mattress will be sprinkled with baking soda over its entire surface, insisting on those dirtiest spots or in the folds. At this point it should be left on for about an hour. There is no need to wet with water or other products, but just use a brush and pass it firmly over the entire mattress. If, on the other hand, you want the mattress to be perfumed in addition to cleaning, you can add a few drops of essential oil.
To remove the residues of baking soda powderyou can use the vacuum cleaner, but for the job to be done well it is necessary to make sure that it is well cleaned. If, on the other hand, there are stains that are particularly difficult to remove, you can use a little bicarbonate dissolved in hot water, which will later be passed right on the area to be treated.
If possible, after these procedures, you can leave the mattress for a few hours in the open air to dry and take in air. The same thing can also be done with the pillows , after having deprived them of the pillowcases. How to sanitize the mattress with baking soda, how often to do it
If the bed should be cleaned every week, not only by changing the linen but also by dusting the structure, theprocedure to sanitize the mattress should be done every month. This is a quick but very useful job if you want to sleep in a healthy environment free of bacteria and mites.
To facilitate the task, household chores can be planned so that it can be performed simultaneously with the change of sheets, so as not to waste time.
One thing to do every day, however, is to ventilate the bedroom for at least half an hour, uncovering the mattress in order to remove bad smells but also to make the environment healthier and put the pillows in the open air. The magical effects of baking soda Baking
soda is a very effective home remedy, in fact it is a good rule to always keep some at home because it is versatile and can be used in many different contexts.
From the preparation of dishes in the kitchen, to cleaning or beauty, its uses are so many and varied. In combination with vinegar it is often used in house cleaning, but it is also effective on its own. In particular, it can be used in cleaning sanitary ware or in place of softener in the washing machine.

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