The washing machine is not always sufficient against the most stubborn stains : what are the secrets to having perfect laundry
Incredibly, one of the most effective tricks and also the easiest to apply, which requires an ingredient that is present in practically all homes. We are talking about shaving cream , which can be easily used to remove stains from clothes in an easy and cheap way. Let’s see how to do it. Shaving foam, how to use it to remove stains from clothes
It can happen that the fabrics are stained with substances that, even after a good washing in the washing machine, they do not disappear as easily as we would like. Then we find ourselves having to act in an alternative way, in order not to throw away a dress that is still in very good condition – it would be a real shame, as well as a great waste. Before starting with absurd (and sometimes even dangerous for the dress itself) experiments, we can try a remedy as simple as it is effective : shaving cream – not in gel formulation, but the traditional one.
Stored in the bathroom cabinet and taken out only in case of emergency hair removal, it can become our first ally to always have tidy and clean clothes . Apparently, in fact, shaving foam is really useful for eliminating the most stubborn stains. But how to use it
It only takes a few minutes for an excellent result: all we have to do is take the stained dress and spray a little foam on it, rubbing it lightly on the area to be cleaned. After letting it act for a while, we can eliminate the excess still left on the fabric and put the dress in the washing machine for the usual washing.
Excellent for wine and tomato stains, but also for many other types of dirt, the shaving foam acts as a perfect stain remover even on carpets. In this case, the process takes a little longer – as we can’t put the carpet in the washing machine. First you need to spray some foam on the area to be treated, rubbing well so that it penetrates the thicker texture of the carpet. Then we have to let it dry completely, finally eliminating the residues with a cloth soaked in hot water. The other uses of shaving
cream In short, shaving creamturns into our secret weapon for clean and perfectly stained laundry. But not only that: there are so many uses in house cleaning. For example, it can be used to refurbish steel, making it shiny. Goodbye taps stained with limescale: just spray a knob of foam on their surface, rubbing lightly and letting it act for a few minutes. Then all that remains is to remove it with a soft cloth and admire the result.
Again, shaving cream can come in handy for cleaning mirrors and glass, eliminating that annoying opaque effect that often forms when we don’t use the right products. But there’s more: once treated with a little foam, the bathroom mirror magically no longer fogs up with the steam from the shower. And then a little trick for our beauty routine. We can use the shaving foam to clean the brush, eliminating the dirt and oily residues of the various hair products. Spray some of it between the bristles and let it act, then rinse the brush with hot water. It will immediately look like new.

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