Ironing is difficult for almost everyone and is certainly very tiring. There are also some who get relaxation from it, but most people would rather get tired with everything else to avoid the iron. The most fearsome enemy is undoubtedly the heat, and when you start to go towards the summer it becomes more and more difficult to make peace with those tools that emanate heat from all sides. However, there is a way that allows you to iron clothes in a shorter time than usual and with less effort : aluminum. Let’s find out how to use it to eliminate creases from clothing. Ironing, like removing creases from clothes
As already mentioned, for some people ironing is a relaxing and enjoyable activity. There are those who say that it does not take any effort and, indeed, only fun. For most Italians, however, the moment of ironing is the most fearedfor various reasons. The first is undoubtedly the heat in the summer season, which leads many people to leave their clothes wrinkled after washing, without any kind of hesitation. The second reason is time: ironing takes time, especially when a pile of washed and dry clothes piles up. “Clothes can be ironed on” is the most loved phrase by those who hate ironing and prefer to avoid hours and minutes in front of the ironing board, but there is a simple and effective way that significantly reduces the timing and gives excellent results for the elimination of creases: aluminum.
It was a TikTok user who revealed this trick of aluminum, which however was already known and used by many people: the procedure is simple, but effective. What you have to do is remove the fabric cover from the ironing board, and replace it with a sheet of aluminum foil, exactly the one that is also used in the kitchen; then, reinsert the fabric cover over the aluminum and that’s it! The ironing board is ready, but the small modification will save some time and eliminate creases from your clothes. Because aluminum removes creases from clothes
No magic or who knows what sorcery: the result is given by a rather simple reason. According to Kate Fryer, a GoodHousekeeping expert, placing foil under the lining of the ironing board greatly helps eliminate creases in clothes. What aluminum does, in fact, is to retain heat at the bottom: in this way, in fact, while we perform a usual action, in the meantime the aluminum foil acts from below helping us to remove the creases. Therefore, ironing on both sides of the garment will take place, without having to turn the dress repeatedly to try to eliminate the wrinkled effect.
A quick and simple trick, which however allows you to save a lot of time and get a truly incredible result. Just get some tinfoil, and that’s it! Remember, however, to then remove the aluminum from the ironing board once the ironing phase is finished, as too much moisture could be created between the foil and the fabric of the board covering, and this would cause mold.

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