Stress, worries, insomnia, seasonal changes, but also problems related to nutrition can cause that typical exhaustion and fatigue that everyone happens to feel every now and then during the year.

To regain energy it is necessary to follow a healthy diet, balanced rhythms of life, rest properly and avoid acute stressful situations. Help to accelerate energy recovery also comes from the world of restorative food supplements . In fact, there are some elements that are closely linked to the level of vitality of the organism and that can be recovered quickly thanks to specific supplements.

How to find energy in a natural way
There are natural substances that are essential for many physiological processes aimed at the energetic sustenance of the organism, helping it to deal with moments of physical and mental fatigue with the necessary energy. Let’s see some very important ones:

Arginine is an essential essential amino acid in the growth of children. It is found in abundance in many foods, for example in nuts such as peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts . It is also present in products of animal origin such as eggs , meat , fish and cheeses .It is essential in the synthesis of important substances in the body, including glucose , creatine and other amino acids useful for the energy sustenance of cells and therefore of the whole body.

Carnitine is a carboxylic acid present in the membrane that surrounds the skeletal muscles, those of the heart, kidneys and intestines. It intervenes in the metabolic processes favoring the production of energy for the cells, conveying the fatty acids in the places dedicated to their use. Carnitine is mainly contained in foods such as meat and dairy products , or in soy – based foods . Carnitine also plays an important antioxidant role for cells with a very fast metabolism, such as heart and muscle cells .

Magnesium is an abundant food in nature, by far one of the most common on the earth’s crust. In addition to being found in rocks and inorganic compounds, it is also present in animal and vegetable tissues , and constitutes a fundamental element for the human organism. It is essential for maintaining electrolyte balance and the normal functioning of organic activities. In fact, it helps to regulate brain functionsand metabolic ones , but above all positively affects the body’s response to fatigue, acting on muscle and mental activity .

Like magnesium, zinc also contributes to the regulation of organic functions , especially the metabolic activity relating to carbohydrates and fatty acids, also playing a fundamental role in protein synthesis. It is contained mainly in cereals , but also in eggs , mushrooms , chocolate and brewer ‘s yeast. It is estimated that our body has a daily requirement of about 8mg of zinc per day (equal to about a 100g bar of dark chocolate).

How to make sure you do not have energy deficiencies
First of all we advise you to carefully evaluate your diet, because if feelings of exhaustion persist, these can be caused by important deficiencies of some fundamental components for the organism. In addition to a balanced diet, in times of severe stress and physical and mental fatigue you can take supplements based on arginine , carnitine , magnesium and zinc.These supplements contribute to the energy sustenance of the body’s cells and to regain the right muscle and mental tone.

Other useful remedies in case of physical and mental fatigue

Avoid unnecessary effort
To avoid pressure drops, we recommend that you avoid unnecessary effort . Especially in the summer months, you need to keep your body at rest as much as possible in the hot hours of the day and concentrate your activities in the morning and in the evening. Sleep regularly
Give yourself the right hours of sleep and maintain a certain regularity in the sleep / wake phases . Inadequate rest causes an accumulation of fatigue which is reflected in daily activities and physical fitness.

Keep your body moving
You don’t necessarily need to do sports. If you do a sedentary job, you need to allow some time of your day to move , even a simple walk is enough to keep the muscles active and avoid energy drops.

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