Mainly intended for the office, metal cabinets manage to retain their characteristics even when they are placed in another environment. Properly revisited, they can represent a unique , resistant and containing piece of furniture .
Metal furniture can become interesting, albeit secondary, furnishing components, even in environments marked by more elegant styles and rich in design elements.
Very often metal cabinets tend to be relegated to hidden areas of the house such as cellars, garages, closets or taverns, if painted and reinvented properly they manage to carve out a useful space also in the other rooms of the house . Metal wardrobes in the living room: a smart choice!
Dear leader of the industrial style, metal cabinets allow you to fit perfectly into modern spaces and generally preferred by other materials.
The longevity of this element is guaranteed by the metal which, if painted with full-bodied and full shades, such as anthracite black, manages to guarantee an elegant touch, radically transforming the impact with the furniture.
The utility offered by the addition of an iron cabinet next to the front door allows you to make coats, scarves and hats for the colder seasons rather than keys, bags and everyday items.
Placing metal cabinets next to the sideboard or an equipped wall, respecting the color tone intended for the furniture, allows you to maintain an excellent level of order.
The resulting aesthetic harmony is guaranteed by the respect for style and the regularity of the lines.
Placing metal cabinets in the living room, preferring them to other more impressive furnishing components, is an original idea that allows you to focus your attention on the wall, perhaps painted with an important and lively color, without weighing down your gaze. Metal cabinets in the kitchen: Spices always in sight!
Metal cabinets in the kitchen are a perfect solution especially for modern environments, usually characterized by small sizes.
The presence of empty shelves allows the eye to recognize a depth without making the space appear too full. At the same time, the preference of this piece of furniture allows you to have at hand the necessary to cook delicious and tasty dishes. The metal furniture in the kitchen perfectly marries the open spaces , the romantic and guaranteed allure if next to the metal cabinets you choose seats with rounded lines that create a contrast with the sharp edges and lines dictated by the iron.
The combination of metal furniture and kitchen is an original idea to have crockery at hand and furnish the environment with dual-use compenti.
The feature not to be underestimated is the resistance to humidity that makes these furnishing objects perfect for the outdoors as well. An original corridor
Metal furniture collects travel memories

Very often the corridor and the container of decorative paintings or posters .
To make the most of this space, simply add a metal piece of furniture capable of transforming itself from a piece of furniture to a storage unit.
If the size of the house does not allow you to have a closet where you can store brooms and cleaning rags, adding metal furniture will make the solution close at hand.
By choosing to keep the same shades of color for the metal cabinets intended for the other rooms of the house, it will be possible to create a common thread capable of guaranteeing continuity in style and allowing you to respect the order that reigns in the other rooms.
The versions available on the market allow you to find the right solution for each environment.
Metal cabinets are usually equipped with two doors, the possible combinations are unlimited, which is why it is necessary to know their destination in order to think about the most suitable and functional structure. Iron cabinet in the bathroom. The easy chic solution!
When the industrial style reigns supreme throughout the house, the contagion with the bathroom manages to give a continuous line.How to find an elegant solution without transforming the space into a cold and cramped area
The iron cabinet in the bathroom reflects all the characteristics for an environment that is generally humid and at the same time in need of essential furnishing elements.
The iron cabinets recall the essentiality already from the lines, they manage to keep order for the linen and the products used in everyday life for personal hygiene thanks to the addition of the shelves. They present a continuity of style thanks to the preferred shade and the combination with a minimal furniture mirror. Iron and glass represent an ideal combination for an elegant and linear bathroom.An extra touch can be represented by the choice of natural materials such as wood – preferring darker shades – for the linen holder or the hanger for the bathrobe.
The combination of different materials is allowed only in full respect of full-bodied and full shades, in this way the result will be elegant and refined. Metal furniture, and the balcony is always in order! Neat and clean. The two essential characteristics that the balcony must guarantee are the first business card that the guest notices.
To get a satisfactory result it is enough to add metal furniture on your balconies.
Organization is essential especially when spaces are limited, to enjoy your home to the fullest you need to have what you need close at hand, to ensure order it is enough not to have everything within sight.
If there is no closet, choosing metal cabinets for the balcony is a perfect solution that contains different characteristics: painted with the suitable tempera allows to offer a consistent duration of time, the rust inhibitor manages to offer intensive use, as well as a discreet protection. against bad weather and different climatic conditions.
The only drawback in choosing metal furniture for the balcony is the size. Aideal and multifaceted solution capable of satisfying different characteristics and needs .
Also in this case the preference for the most suitable model must be dictated by the available sizes. The bedroom and the metal cabinets. A sturdy walk-in closet!
The metal lockers in the walk-in closet allow it to withstand heavy weights.
Duvets, flannel sheets, wool blankets, in addition to the thickness, to better organize the walk-in closet and also the weights must be arranged in an intelligent way.
The possibility of adding and removing shelves as needed allows the iron cabinets to represent the perfect solution.
The weight bearing, the mother characteristic of this material, represents an added value that can alleviate the thought of the annoying moment of changing the wardrobe.
Each season can be delegated to a space of the iron furniture which, if painted with a particular color, adds an original touch to the room, a unique environment capable of respecting the necessary order especially in this space.
Another idea is to add small hooks to the supporting columns of the iron cabinet to hang object holders or ties. Taking advantage of every space is a useful and original solution! A spacious basement
The iron cabinet collects approval!

When the environment is developed on several levels, the interior staircase becomes the protagonist to fill the spaces without weighing down the gaze, you can add an iron cabinet capable of enriching without overdoing it. The basement becomes a furnishing space especially when the addition of metal cabinets is accompanied by objects that do not clash with the environment: books, clocks or small knick-knacks.
The combination with a wall painted with an important color enhances the presence of the staircase, the combination of iron cabinets helps to fill the wall without distorting the original idea and without taking away allure or importance from the protagonist element.
The doors, present in many versions of metal cabinets, allow you to create a closet that avoids annoying but which, on the contrary, guarantees order and remains secondary.
By choosing a version revisited in a modern key, perhaps upholstered, it allows risky combinations that give an elegant and unique effect.
The extra touch is guaranteed by the addition of personalized elements to hang on the doors: photographs, images or magnets – especially when the space on the refrigerator is almost finished!
Metal furniture contains many features that are too often ignored in favor of more comfortable materials. Choosing to dare has never been so easy , metal lockers can satisfy even the most reluctant!

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