Full wardrobes, sizes that change with the seasons, fashions or different tastes: you can’t always use the same clothes, even when we would be tempted not to throw them away. Here, then, that recycling clothes can be an excellent idea, which brings together different needs and allows you to free your creativity.

  • Recycling clothes: why it’s a good idea
  • Creative clothes recycling: ideas to be realized

Recycling clothes: why
it’s a good idea Recycling your clothes isn’t just a good idea. Is an excellent idea. If until a few years ago recycling clothes could be seen as a funny or risky practice, today more and more people choose not to permanently separate from their favorite clothes, but they revive them thanks to their creativity . It is a real fashion, which has convinced even the most skeptical in the name of renouncing waste and, in a certain sense, also in the name of ecology. Here, then, which are the best for recycling clothes:

  • Extend the life of your favorite clothes: how many times do we struggle to detach ourselves from a dress that represents something important to us! A ceremony dress, a graduation dress, a best friend’s wedding dress … There are many occasions when we buy a dress and end up using it on just one occasion. However, the emotional aspect is tied to clothes, involving us emotionally, although it is not so easy to reuse them in other situations. Recycling allows you to give a new look to the dress and make it usable on other occasions.
  • Unleash your creativity : transforming a dress into something else is not as simple as it might seem, but at the same time it is a great way to spend your free time in a creative way . Seeing a dress that is transformed into something else thanks to our creative idea can only make us satisfied with ourselves and, why not
    , also improve our self-esteem.
  • Reusing clothes that otherwise we would no longer be able to wear: it is not just about fashions or occasions, sometimes it is the sizes that push us to stop using certain clothes. With time our shapes change: in some cases they soften, in others they dry up, in any case we are no longer equal to ourselves. Likewise, clothes don’t always fit us as well as they used to. Recycling old clothes allows us to give other shapes to clothes and make them become something else in order to be able to reuse them even if we have another body.
  • Making an ecological choice: reuse is one of the best ways to recycle without polluting. Throwing away, if on the one hand it helps us to free the wardrobe, on the other it forces us to produce waste. Reuse is an ethical and conscious choice that reduces the environmental impact. It is a question of not producing waste, but also of not buying other items that, in addition to affecting our portfolio, have an impact on energy and water consumption. The industrial production of clothes has an important environmental impact precisely because it requires a lot of electricity and a lot of water. With the same goal, today they are also produced by famous brands clothes with recycled material
  • Reduce waste to a minimum : as well as an ecological choice, that of reuse is also an ethical choice that contributes to spreading positive and socially very important messages.

Creative recycling of clothes: ideas to be realized
It is not said that the creative recycling of clothes must always be done in the same way. There are many methods to give a new life to your clothes, in line with your style and your needs. Turning a pair of jeans into a bag
Jeans is an extremely durable yet versatile fabric. Perhaps not everyone knows that initially the jeans fabric, even before being used for the famous trousers, was used for curtains and only later became a cloth for clothes. Precisely for this reason it is not uncommon to find clothing accessories in this fabric that everyone really likes and that combines casual style with practicality. This also applies to recycled clothes. There are many ways to turn a pair of jeans into a bag, a lot is up to everyone’s creativity. The part to be exploited and the upper one, by cutting the legs. Once the lower part is sewn, the cutouts of the legs can be used to make straps to be worn over the shoulder. Socks become fingerless gloves
How often do the most popular socks end up piercing the heel or the extremities
Those are the most delicate parts of the socks and, between washing and ironing, it is not at all rare that they wear out at that point. The solution to reuse them is there and it is very fun and creative. Just cut off the toe of the sock, create a cuff and make a small hem. A small hole must then be made for the thumb, so that by inserting the sock in the hand, the fingers remain free, except that of the thumb. Sweaters become patches
Sweaters wear out after a while. It’s bad news for anyone who likes to keep their clothes for a long time, but it’s a reality. Even the best quality garments with time begin to make those annoying dots and, especially in the areas where they wear out the most, such as the elbows, risk becoming threadbare. However, often in the bust part they remain more beautiful and less subject to wear. For this reason, it is not a bad idea at all to cut out parts that are still in good condition, especially if they have designs or patterns, and use them as patches to embellish other clothes. Making a patchwork blanket with different stitches
Another way to recycle stitches is to use the larger parts to make patchwork blankets. In view of the cold autumn and winter evenings, what’s better than a hand-made blanket to put on your lap , produced without spending a cent
Especially when it comes to wool sweaters, very pleasant squares of color can be created that enrich the environment and make it warm not only to the touch, but also to the sight. Gloves or socks that become cell phone
holders The smartphone is an object that we can no longer ignore. We have it with us 24 hours a day and we use it for numerous activities that go beyond a simple phone call or a simple message. From consulting emails to browsing the internet, up to the use of business applications or classic games, it has a thousand uses. However, especially when we are on the move, the risk of it falling and being damaged is very high. Precisely for this reason, we can think of a very pleasant smartphone holderwith worn socks or gloves. It is sufficient to cut the excess parts, sew like a sachet and insert our mobile phone. Shirts that turn into cushion covers:
Shirts are another particularly versatile element in the reuse field. Their elegant appearance is an excellent business card for any artifact you want to invent. The central part of the shirt, that of the bust, is usually less subject to wear than the collar, sleeves and cuffs. Therefore, it offers an excellent possibility of reuse. In the case of cushions, it is sufficient to eliminate the sleeves and collarand insert the tubular part of the shirt, leaving the part with the buttons, which embellish the pillow, towards the outside. If the pillow is smaller, you can cut the shirt to size and make a hem closure. Kitchen aprons that become remote control
holders Even kitchen aprons are perfect for reuse. Those with large pockets, then, are perfect for creating furnishing accessories that are not only beautiful, but also functional. By eliminating the harness and the cords that are used to tie it, the central part of the apron can be folded back on itself, creating a more resistant double layer, with the pockets facing outwards. At this point the cords can be sewn and reused as laces to secure the remote control holderto a chair or to hang it on the wall. An original solution but particularly useful and pleasing to the eye, very suitable for country furnishings. Covering a book cover with old sheets
In addition to recycling clothes, fabrics such as towels and sheets can also be reused. The sheets are often characterized by having very pleasant motifs, which do not disfigure at all if used as a furnishing accessory even in the living room or kitchen. When the cover of a book starts to get a little creased, or for those diaries or notes that we want to personalize in our image, it can be a fantastic idea to create a fabric dust jacket. In this case, the scraps of the fabric of the sheets represent a particularly valuable solution, especially as they allow you to take advantage of worn sheets but which in some parts are still beautiful. Socks that turn into draft excluders Draft
excluders are a piece of furniture that is not always easy to find on the market and are often very expensive. If you add the fact that they often have a short life, because washing them in the washing machine they risk being damaged, it could be a fantastic idea to reuse old fabrics to create your own draft excluder. Socks are an excellent opportunity because they are already tubular in shape. For anyone who thinks they are too short for a window, it can be answered that it is sufficientjoin two / three socks with hot glue , from which the foot will be eliminated. Winter socks are the most suitable type. They can be filled with corn or dried fruit shells and completed with cotton.

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