The recycling of old furniture is a practice that should be more and more widespread: thanks to this technique and your creativity you can save money on home furnishings and, at the same time, reduce the number of waste that ends up in landfills every year. And the result, almost always, can be truly astounding.
As you know by now, I love recycling: it allows me to give vent to my imagination, to spend time outdoors and, of course, it allows me to save money. Today I want to show you some beautiful ideas that will allow you to recycle old chairs , perhaps found in some corner of the attic. You find them “ugly”
Do not stop in front of the appearance, you can transform them into a real design object that will give a touch of style to your home at no cost .
In the photo below you can see an example of what you could do with an old chair: if you have a terrace or porch to furnish , an old disused chair could turn into an original plant pot. but we assure you that even simply by painting it in a new color, perhaps pastel, the wow effect is guaranteed.
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An idea of ​​recycling that goes great is that of transforming old chairs into a more useful bench , perfect for the outside but also for the inside of the house.
Making it is very simple as you just need to get some wooden boards that have the same size as the seat, and join them together with nails. Finally sand and paint in the color of your choice. Not only will you avoid throwing away chairs, but you will have at your disposal a brand new bench to use on the terrace or as a sofa for the home and for guests.
Similar to the previous idea, making this seat for two is certainly easier and the result, in my opinion, much more elegant . To recycle these chairs, it was enough to combine the seats with old wooden boards, and then sand and paint the chairs and seat white.
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If you don’t want to spend too much time recycling the chairs, you can use this simple solution: you can add a touch of style to the old chairs even simply by painting the legs in an original color and covering the seat with fabric that recalls the same color used to paint. the legs of the chair, or even renewing it with a nice new cushion. This solution is much faster, more creative and allows you to make your old chairs unique and original.
And finally here is an original and creative ideawhich will allow you to recycle old chairs giving it another purpose entirely. If you want to decorate your bathroom, a half bathroom, or another area of ​​the house in an original way, you can sand and paint an old chair with colors that match the rest of the furniture. Finally fix it to a wall, but upside down! You will get some useful shelves and a practical towel holder. And all without spending a single euro.
Have you seen how, with a little imagination, what would have been a waste can be transformed into an original piece of furniture for the home.
If you have old chairs, try making one based on these ideas.

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