How many times has it happened to us to throw away a piece of furniture because we didn’t know what to do with it
It doesn’t happen often as with clothes, but sometimes, perhaps thanks to a move or a renovation, we dispose of objects that could have a second life as waste. Some of them, among other things, are particularly versatile and can be used in a thousand different ways. Let’s see some practical examples.

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  • How to recycle furniture: pallets
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  • How to recycle furniture: vases and jars
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On the Internet you can find dozens of tutorials on how to renew or reuse almost anything. In particular on Pinterest, there are so many inspirations of all kinds: just enter the keyword and search. There really is something for everyone! How to recycle furniture: pallets
Pallets are an object that you can really find at no cost and that allows you a lot of different uses. You just have to sand them and repaint them in the color you prefer and then you can use them in a thousand ways. As for the taste to give it, you can range from a shabby chic to which you can add raw fabrics, candles and pampas herbs, to the Nordic style, repainting everything in white and combining it with pastel colors, up to recolor them with brighter colors and use them as garden furniture. Here are some of the more imaginative uses. As a bed
Placed vertically it can become a headboard complete with an internal shelf, in which you can comfortably house the lampshade or even books or plants. If you want, you can also use them as a base for the mattress, placing them next to each other. As a sofa
Here too, with the right and properly fixed cushions, the pallets can become the structure of a sofa. Personally I would not also make the side table, otherwise everything is too coordinated, but the country effect is guaranteed.
Wooden pallet sofas with colorful pillows. As a planter
Repainted in bright colors, your pallet can be used in the garden as a planter, hung or placed on the ground, with earthenware or tin pots, which in turn can be colored. How to recycle the furniture: dressers, sideboards and dressers
If you are a DIY lover, you can renovate this furniture and make it the centerpiece of the living room, either by maintaining their original intended use or by changing it. The sideboard, for example, without the door, can become a wonderful bookcase. The chest of drawers and chest of drawers, covered with cushions, can become sofas or tables on which to place decorative objects. How to recycle furniture: vases and jars
I can perhaps consider myself an expert on the use of vases and jars! Seriously, I have the habit of collecting jars of jam, finished candles or even special bottles of beer, tomato sauce and the like: the uses that can be made of them are many! Vases and jars
In the summer, if you have a garden or even just a balcony, empty glass jars can become wonderful candle holders, which will make the atmosphere wonderful. Furthermore, if you like to try your hand at tools, you can mount them together on a supporting structure and make real lamps. Bottles
For bottles that may have a somewhat particular shape or size, remove the labels by soaking them in hot water, so that they remain completely clean. Even if the glasses have different colors, you can create a corner in the garden or in the living room where you can reuse them to contain dried but also fresh flowers. How to recycle furniture: to conclude
Basically, the concept is to decontextualize, a bit like in fashion. If you can find a completely different intended use for your old piece of furniture or furnishing accessory, and mix it well inside your home, the effect will certainly be spectacular! And don’t forget, to top it all, the world of vintage: you may find period furnishings or textiles that will make the whole truly unique.

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