Purifying the skin of the face is essential to have it beautiful, free from imperfections, blackheads, pimples, dryness but above all to prevent premature aging. During the day, in fact, the skin accumulates dirt and impurities due to smog and external agents, but also accumulates dead cells, sebum and the makeup that we often and willingly apply on top. Nutrition plays a key role in skin health and should be controlled, as well as our lifestyle habits, such as sleep.
If you want to find out how to purify the skin of the face, just follow 5 simple steps to immediately see a change, both immediately and in the long term. It is advisable to follow a routine to purify the skin of the faceat least once a week while some steps are to be considered part of a real day skincare routine and evening skincare routine , to be performed daily. You will see that when it becomes a habit you will not be able to do without it anymore. But be careful not to overdo it to avoid obtaining the opposite effect: to purify the skin of the face , in fact, you do not need to overdo it because otherwise you risk removing too much sebum, naturally present on the skin and which acts as a protection. The result would be dry and dehydrated skin, more sensitive and prone to the appearance of irritation, inflammation and pimples.

  • Let’s start with the table: pay attention to hydration and what you eat
  • How to purify the skin of the face: the first step is cleansing
  • To deeply cleanse your facial skin, try steam
  • Remember to exfoliate with a peeling or scrub but pay attention to the frequency
  • Pamper yourself at least once a week with a face mask
  • Don’t forget to do a proper skincare routine every day

Let’s start from the table: pay attention to hydration and what you eat
Before understanding how to purify the skin of the face , it is good to open a parenthesis on our habits and, above all, on nutrition. Sleep is the first factor that determines the health of our skin and we know that we should try to sleep at least 8 hours. In particular, lack of sleep marks the eye contour, ages it prematurely and above all increases dark circles and bags or even makes them come even to those who do not suffer from it naturally.
As far as nutrition is concerned, the saying “we are what we eat” is true: junk, unhealthy, too fatty and cooked foods lead to poor skin health, which will inevitably produce more sebum to rebalance itself and as a consequence pimples, points white and blackheads. The ideal is to choose foods that help the skin remain radiant and elastic, also fighting free radicals. Therefore, foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are needed: green light for fruits and vegetables, especially rich in vitamin C such as cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, apricots, apples, pears, strawberries and grapes.
Do not forget the fibers, present in good quantities in legumes and whole grains, which help the intestine to be regular and eliminate toxins, for global benefits that are also seen on the skin. Omega-3s present in fish, for example in salmon, are also important, as are the so-called healthy fats, which we find in avocado but also in dried fruit. Hydration also plays a key role in the well-being of health in general and specifically of the skin. Remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, but it would be better to even get to 2 or more liters, depending on your lifestyle. To help you drink more, choose herbal teas and infusions, to be enjoyed both hot and cold or flavored water by infusing mint, cucumber or fruit.How to purify the skin of the face: the first step is cleansing
It will seem obvious, but to understand how to purify the skin of the face you have to start from the basics and the first step and undoubtedly cleansing, to be performed every day without ever forgetting. It is important to understand how to clean the skin well to eliminate dead cells, makeup or residues, smog and dirt accumulated during the day and that is deposited in the pores which, if not properly cleaned, can then give rise to blackheads and pimples. The face should be washed both in the morning and in the evening, changing the products and choosing more delicate ones in the morning. If you have cleaned your skin properly in the evening, in the morning you just need to wipe with micellar water or use a soothing and delicate cleanser that does not degrease the skin too much.
In the evening, however, it is necessary to cleanse the skin more deeply. First of all, get rid of the makeup using a butter, an oil or a make-up remover, which you will then have to remove with a foaming cleanser, gel, mousse or the most suitable for your skin type. Also pay attention to clean the perimeters of the face, neck, hairline and behind the ears, where make-up and dirt tend to settle. Dry skin will be able to choose richer and more full-bodied cleansers, with a moisturizing and nourishing base, while combination, oily or impure skin will have to prefer lighter gels or textures and with purifying active ingredients. To deeply cleanse the facial skin, try the steam
Once the skin is cleansed, to deeply cleanse the facial skinand prepare her to receive subsequent treatments, steam is a great ally. It does not matter to open the pores with the steam every day, but certainly from 1 to 2 times a week, frequency with which it is recommended to use shock treatments to purify the skin of the face , such as exfoliants and masks. The simplest method to take advantage of the benefits of steam and heat is to wet a small towel with very hot or boiling water and then place it or bring it close to your face (depending on the temperature of the water, be careful not to burn yourself). After a few minutes or when it has cooled down, it is time to proceed with the treatments.
For those who have a little more time, however, the ideal is to take a real steam bath. Heat some water in a saucepan to which you can add a pinch of salt, baking soda, mint, lemon or spices and plants of your choice that have beneficial effects for the skin. Bring your face close to the bowl with the hot water and cover your head with a towel, in this way the airways will also benefit, not just the skin. But be careful that the water is not hot, otherwise it could be annoying. There are also special machines on the market, with a low price, to create a real facial sauna, to be enriched with essential oils and which maintains the right temperature constant. In any case, the steam is not recommended for those suffering from couperose and capillaries or those with very sensitive skin,Remember to exfoliate with peeling or scrub but pay attention to the frequency
To purify the skin of the face , exfoliants are a key product, but be careful with their use. Their main purpose is to renew the skin, smooth it, eliminate dead cells and refine the skin texture. They are excellent to use after opening the pores with the steam because in this way the impurities will be easier to remove. There are various types of exfoliant, which are mainly divided into peeling and scrub. Peels are products with a liquid or gel texture that are applied to the skin, left to act and then rinsed. Often based on acids, if used correctly they are also more suitable for delicate skin because the mechanical action that scrubs have instead is less.
The latter, in fact, contain microgranules of various sizes that exert mechanical exfoliation, given by the circular movements with which the product is massaged. On very delicate skins they can therefore be more aggressive. Scrubs have on their side the fact that they can also be made at home with ingredients that we find in the kitchen, such as sugar and honey. In any case, exfoliation should not be performed more than once or twice a week and, if you suffer from rosacea or have active acne and pustules, it is better to avoid scrubs and peels without first consulting a dermatologist as they could inflame the skin more. Pamper yourself at least once a week with a face mask
After performing the scrub it is time to use a face mask. There are various types both for texture and for active ingredients. The face masks in fabric are the most comfortable and fastest to use because they rest on the face, they are left to act and once the tissue has been removed, the residual serum is massaged. The cream or gel masks, on the other hand, are applied with the help of a brush, left to act and then rinsed with warm water, then proceeding with the normal skincare routine.
To purify the skin of the face, the best masks are the purifying ones, which contain active ingredients that regulate the production of sebum, relieve redness and imperfections and often contain ingredients that also improve small spots and discolorations. Tea tree, cucumber and clay are among the most common ingredients, but if you opt for a DIY clay face mask remember not to leave it on too long. The clay, in fact, absorbs the sebum and has a rebalancing action but it should not be allowed to dry completely on the skin because in doing so it would also absorb the water, dehydrating it. Do not forget to perform a correct skincare routine every day.
Last step, but not least, to purify the skin of the faceIt is important to follow a daily skincare routine, in the morning and in the evening. It is a fundamental step to be repeated every day, only in this way the more specific treatments will give maximum results. After removing the mask or daily after cleansing your face, apply a tonic that suits your needs, astringent, purifying, illuminating or moisturizing.
Once dried it is time to move on to the face cream, light and purifying for combination or oily skin, moisturizing and nourishing for the driest ones. The ideal, before the cream, would be to use a serum as well. The eye contour is a very delicate area and needs specific products, to be dabbed on the eye bone area. Choose a more moisturizing product if you have dry skin, lighter if you suffer from millet grains, anti-aging if you want to improve small expression lines or crow’s feet or with deflating active ingredients that improve circulation if you suffer from bags and dark circles.
Do not squeeze pimples, even if they are white, but opt ​​for specific creams to apply topically, which help dry the blemish overnight. Upon awakening, the pimples will be less swollen and most of the time the pus will be gone, without leaving marks and scars that are often caused by squeezing them incorrectly.

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