I don’t know about you, but my bag is practically an extension of my house and in principle, almost all the women I know are like that, especially if they are working mothers: we don’t have bags, but suitcases in which we throw everything in, from lip balm, to house keys, to receipts that date back to some geological era, to the diary, to the pen that has lost the cap and which obviously we never find when needed.
My bag is part of its contents!
To help you overcome this inconvenience in order to avoid losing a life looking for your car keys when you are already late, I propose my method, simple and effective. 1. Divide the contents of the bag into a pouch
In each pouch insert objects with a similar function between them (for example a pouch for everything that has to do with care and hygiene, one for medicines and mints, etc.). Now, the fact that the function is analogous may be objective, or the analogy may exist only for you, it doesn’t matter: what matters is that the content is divided into multiple containers in order to quickly find what you need . In addition, it speeds up the bag change process in the morning : you don’t have to take out a hundred thousand things, just take the various clutches and you’re done! 2. Use mini-sizes and single-dose sachets
To save space and always have what you need with you, bring mini-sizes and samples, which you can easily recover in the various Tigota, Cad or Sephora or single- dose sachets . Soon, below, I will list what I always carry with me.
In my bag there are two clutches: Clutch bag 1: and the one I use less. It is relatively small and Andrea gave it to me a Christmas a few years ago. Stuck so that I could be a Tetris champion, is everything you see below. The things I use most often, like lip balm, are put on top , so they are easier to take. Here’s what’s inside:
The clutch bag 1 and its contents … I swear it fits!

  • a small mirror
  • a burrocacao
  • a neutral butrocacao for my daughter
  • a mini hairbrush
  • a mini hand sanitizer gel
  • a sample of hand cream: I kept the sample container of Sephora and I fill it when I finish it
  • a sanitary napkin
  • a sample of my perfume: at Sephora, for example , they create a sample of any perfume you need at the moment.
  • headache pills
  • a disposable mosquito wipe for my daughter
  • an after puncture for my daughter : I must always have it with me, because if they prick her she gets huge bumps, poor … after having tried a thousand, that of Chicco you see in the photo is the only one that, if applied immediately, prevents leakage of huge beccons.
  • a USB stick
  • a hairpin
  • a rubber band
  • a lime
  • a bag holder (I hate having to put it on the floor)

Pochette 2: the second pochette is the one I use the most. It’s a little bigger, a present from my friend Elena for this Christmas and I love it. Inside there are more voluminous things:
The clutch bag 2 and its contents

  • Wet wipes. I generally use packs with 10 or 20 wipes: small, comfortable, they fit everywhere.
  • paper towels
  • a foldable bag, mine and Tiger’s but you can find them everywhere
  • chewing gum
  • tokens for leftover rides (it annoys me to have them scattered in the bag)
  • shop keys: they have a tiny keychain, always a gift from Elena two Christmases ago, with a lucky four-leaf clover 🙂

3. What is not in the clutch bag
Outside the clutch bag are:

  • the phone
  • the wallet
  • the case with the glasses: I jammed together eyeglasses and sunglasses, to take up as little space as possible
  • the Moleskine with the pen attached : here we need a bit of description. I found this phenomenal pen in the Moleskine store in Paris, but you can also buy it online on Amazon. For me it solved a lot of problems: the cap sticks to the cover of hard notebooks and the stylus changes when the ink is finished. No more pens lost in the bag: take out the diary and the pen is ready there! Better than this…

4. Position everything
Try to put the various pochette, wallet, agenda and glasses case so that they are easily removable when you need something .
Due to their shape, I put the clutch bag 1, the clutch bag 2 and the wallet parallel to each other and sideways I put the Moleskine, the glasses case and the car and house keys with nice big key rings, which I feel on the fly to the touch when I look for them.
The phone, on the other hand, goes into a convenient pocket of the bag, if there is a pocket, otherwise I will stand it in the center, so that it is easy to take when it rings and you are at the supermarket checkout, with your wallet in one hand, your car keys in the other because obviously you are late for something and hooked to your little finger is your daughter who has just told you that she is running out of pee.
Understood why the bag has to be organized
Here it is! Everything in order and easy to take when needed! Here is my system to have the bag always in order and to easily access all its contents. How about
how you organize your bag
Make use of the clutches
Tell me! And if you want some other practical advice to be comfortable, but beautiful and in order, follow my blog concosalometto.com

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