While most weddings focus on spring or summer, autumn is also an extremely poetic and romantic season . An autumn wedding can play on elegance but also on originality, working on flowers, fruits, colors and ideas that are different from the usual ones of the hottest season. An autumn wedding can be extraordinarily magical, if you guess the right colors and the best ideas for both a country-chic reception and a more formal party, in the city center or in a period residence.
The important thing is to calibrate on the characteristic elements of this season: why go crazy for peonies or daisies when you can create different, particular, equally romantic compositions
The first rule of a wedding is to go along with the season and enhance it; the preparation of an autumn wedding must perfectly reflect the atmosphere of this enchanting time of year.

  • Autumn wedding: ideas
  • Autumn wedding dress
  • Autumn wedding hairstyles and make up

Autumn wedding: ideas
To organize an autumn wedding , with or without the help of a wedding planner, you need to have a list of elements, objects, flowers, fruits, symbols that represent this period and combine them, adapt them to your tastes, to your preferences. The “sobs of the autumn violins” mentioned in the famous poem by Paul Verlaine are an inspiration that can make the ceremony a real fairy tale. The first thing to do, therefore, is to take a pen and paper (or the Notes app on your smartphone) and mark all the ideas you like that can be useful to thematize a wedding according to this wonderful season. Here are a few. Theme of an autumn wedding
Who youa bride in autumn does not necessarily have to rotate her wedding around a theme only for the choice of the season (and this applies to everyone, even for the bride and groom in winter, spring or summer); however, there are many possibilities that are suitable for those who want to organize their party in September, October or November. For example
, the importance of the pumpkin in this period can be the inspiration for a Cinderella-themed wedding, complete with a crystal slipper, touches of orange or completely glittered pumpkins, sprinkled with glitter that recall the spells of the Smemorina Fairy and other references. taken directly from the cornerstone of the Disney universe.
Always remaining in the same context, you can also opt for another fairy tale:Snow White, and turn everything around the symbol of the apple, punctuating your reception – also thanks to fruits, flowers, berries – with red, a cheerful, intense and passionate color. Or you can be inspired by Sherwood , the forest theme, choose an abbey, a farmhouse or a small enchanted restaurant in the middle of the woods and organize everything like a rural fairy tale. Or again you can focus on the more country side and set up on a farm, with many lanterns and photo sets created with hay bales, the horse enclosure, the yard paved with pebbles, the flower beds. Colors for the setting: the foliage
Fire red, golden yellow and orange leaves like flames constitute a new ground, a royal carpet for nature preparing for winter and, consequently, for a new rebirth. The colors of autumn are warm and lively and can be the guidelines for organizing your reception, as well as flowers, decorations in the church or in the town hall, dresses for bridesmaids:

  • Rosso
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Ivory and cream
  • Ocher
  • Dark violet

The foliage can inspire the decorations, the centerpieces, the composition of the tables and the tableau mariage. Instead of green, light blue, lilac and pink, which are the cornerstones of spring and summer, we opt for clearer, brighter and more joyful shades, which will harmonize with the autumn landscape. Getting married in the daytime in a wood , among the spectacle of leaves that look like precious stones, can be very suggestive. The leaves can also be used as furnishing accessories or parts of decorations for the location or the table. But be careful: never forget to think about a plan B, in case of rain. If the structure does not foresee it, unless you always tend to see the glass half full, it is better to change the structure.Decorations, bouquets and centerpieces in autumn
If spring provides a triumph of flower power, in autumn there are other elements that constitute a touch of color and originality in a wedding setting. Instead of the classic centerpieces or the classic bouquets of roses or peonies, you can opt for many other ideas:

  • red apples
  • chestnuts
  • grapes (white or black)
  • the acorns
  • cinnamon
  • pumpkins (real or even as a leitmotif, in fabric, papier mache, etc.)
  • the berries
  • wooden objects
  • other types of flowers such as autumn narcissus and violet

Brown is a classic autumn color and this can favor country-chic locations with the use of wood to make rustic and elegant signs that guide guests in the various rooms. The place can also be scattered with orange pumpkins, oranges, leaves of this color or ruby ​​red details, winking at the aforementioned inspiration from Cinderella. Here are some ideas for fall wedding centerpieces:

  • antique candlesticks with embedded fruit (such as apples)
  • white roses, orange candles and pumpkins
  • roses and white grapes or gooseberries;
  • acorns, pine cones, chestnuts and dry leaves
  • pumpkins, oranges and cinnamon sticks
  • lanterns with small shrubs, chestnuts, leaves

The combinations are practically endless. The important thing is to rely on a good eye, on your own aesthetic taste or that of a wedding planner or an expert event planner. The autumn theme for a wedding is a refined key, with many ideas to amaze your guests, playing on the palette and on the most particular objects. Fall Wedding Dress
A fall bride will choose a dress that is so different from a June or July bride
. Not necessarily. September, October and even November offer many beautiful days, warm and clear like those of spring. It is not necessary to have a fur stole and heavy long-sleeved clothes, but you must always make an assessment on the location(with the related plan B) and allow for a rainy and cold day. The clothes most suitable for the autumn season do not necessarily focus on the abysmal necklines, bare shoulders and bare backs of the summer, but offer slightly more structured dresses, in tulle, lace, chiffon, satin, which play on micro-jewels and details (such as rhinestones, buttons, etc.), on the veiled, puffed, transparent sleeves, as impalpable as tissue paper.
In autumn, a risk is eliminated: that of being hot, sweating, not enjoying the party because oppressed (or oppressed, it also applies to the groom and the guests) by meters and meters of fabric. In autumn you can let yourself go to your own tastes, opt for open backs and long sleeves and also for cloaks, stoles, shawls if desired. The downside, of course, requires a plan B also at the outfit level: it is always better to get something to cover yourself, to use in case of cold, rain or other bad weather. Clearly if most of the event will take place inside the location, the weather factor becomes much less crucial. Bridal hairstyles and make-up in autumn
And as regards the beauty sector
Autumn goes well with simple and elegant ceremonies, immersed in the heart of nature, in a rustic but sophisticated environment, such as farmhouses, convents, woods. That’s why, among the various hairstyles you can choose from, you can prefer loose or semi-gathered options, a light blur with flowers and twigs in the hair, small soft braids, long single braids that match the surrounding colors. Clearly, those who want a bun will find themselves in perfect harmony in their autumn weddingas if she were getting married in the middle of summer, and this also applies to ponytails or more elaborate crops. The themed makeup will follow, like everything else, the shades of the period: bronze, orange, brick, purple touches can be combined with mauve or aubergine shades for brides with a lighter complexion.
The warm shades allow you to play with eye shadows, contouring but also with lipstick and lip gloss, on the most nude, salmon, pink and delicate shades. In autumn as in other seasons, a shrimmer effect cannot be missing for those who like it and jewels that draw attention to the bride’s face. Getting married in autumn is a challenge:you feel the taste of the unconventional, the unusual, the particular or even the status of a forerunner. Maybe, after their wedding, some guests decide to follow suit. A beautiful photo of the bride and groom on a carpet of brightly colored leaves is something that few can boast of. In general, however, when a wedding is organized, creativity and imagination know no season. The most important thing is that that party reflects the couple, their personality and their uniqueness. In autumn among the leaves, in winter under the snow or in summer in an expanse of flowers, the most beautiful weddings will always be those that will bring out the soul of the protagonists.

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