The sea is undoubtedly one of the most popular settings in which to organize your wedding. Surely it is one of the most romantic places in our imagination, where many fantasize about getting married, just to fulfill their dream of love, but what it will be like to deal with the organization in practice
What aspects should be considered for a beach wedding to be a success
Find out with us how to organize a wedding by the sea with an eye to detail for a perfect ceremony. Getting married on the beach: how to choose the date
First of all, a first point to consider and the question of when to get married on the beach . What will be the best season
In spring, the climate could be variable, with unpredictable wind and temperatures. Of course it is also that in summer the beaches are more crowded and it will be necessary to carefully choose a secluded or private area in which to set up the ceremony and possibly the reception.
Another sore point, feared by all spouses and especially future brides, is the weather: a real unknown, as well as a source of anxiety that not even the most reliable applications on the web can remedy. The solution is actually there and it is very simple. Since it is necessary to plan too far in advance to be able to predict rains or disturbances for the chosen date, there is only one thing to do: equip yourself with a plan B, that is a structure that hosts the event in case of rain, a tensile structure to be assembled in advance, like a gazebo by the sea, which in any case can be used for a buffet, dinner or evening entertainment.
The best times
Surely those who do not plan to spend the central hours of the day under the scorching sun. Especially if in summer, opt for an early morning or late afternoon ceremony, and plan for any indoor refreshments during the hottest hours. Keep in mind that the roofing structure, both rainproof but also sheltering from the sun, could be one of the elements that weighs heavily on your budget, with several hundreds if not thousands of euros, including installation by a professional who will have to do adequate inspections and estimates. Beach Wedding Decorations
From an aesthetic point of view, organize a beach weddingit seems simple. It is true, however, that it is easy to become banal, with cheap furnishings that do not at all reflect the initial idea of ​​a “dream” ceremony. Of course, the occasion by the sea requires adapting a series of elements to the “marine” style, the furniture could be more rustic and natural, but the important thing is to maintain an elegant and homogeneous, light but refined style. As we said, it will be essential to provide suitable roofing structures, to shelter your guests from the sun and the heat, comfortable seats but without excessive padding and walkways, perhaps in wood, on which guests can walk easily without sinking into the sand.
Make way for bamboo, straw, wicker and shabby chic details, without exaggerating. White can be the master, as well as all the shades of wood and the sea. Natural materials, from linen to cotton, light and fluttering for curtains, tablecloths, drapes and decorations in general. Green light for rows of lights, floating candles, antique or paper lanterns, marine life objects and painted pallets as flower holders. About flowers! If the ceremony is scheduled during the day, large bouquets and floral decorationscould be affected by too high temperatures, sea breeze and beating sun: it is better to prefer less delicate elements, such as small palms and tropical plants, or ears of wheat, sunflowers, in short, types of seasonal and resistant flowers, rather than change course and aim on anything but what the sea gives us: branches, shells and a bouquet of wild flowers and sprigs of herbs from the Mediterranean scrub, very fragrant and very chic.
In this, a wedding on the beach could turn out to be cheaper than expected, and not disappoint expectations: with a few hundred euros you could buy all the material, and you can even indulge in some accessory gems such as personalized dream catchers and crowns of shells for all. the bridesmaids!Dress code for a wedding on the beach
One thing is certain: when you have the date of your wedding on the sea , it will be good to start organizing to let all the envoys know. It will in fact be essential to inform them of the mood of the party, so that they can be adjusted with the purchase of any clothes and accessories. Without dictating a real dress code, it will be useful to give arriving friends some information about the time, the location, the program of the day, so that they can organize themselves accordingly.
Makeup and wigsit will be chosen ad hoc, both for the bride and for the guests. Do not forget to communicate this detail to those who will follow you during the preparation and do some “heat-proof” tests. It is known that the wind and exposure to salt could lead, especially girls, to opt for collected hairstyles, little makeup in favor of a lot of sunscreen, rather than opting for comfortable shoes, a few jewels and light, no perfume and … not forget your swimsuit! Banquet and party on the beach
Of course, because like any self-respecting wedding , even the one by the sea at a certain point leads to a wild party, in which after having pronounced the fateful one, both the spouses and all the guests will not want that to celebrate!
Starting with dinner, strictly light, preferably based on fish and local and seasonal products, light and not very elaborate, perhaps in practical single portions; to drinks, preferably with a non-alcoholic option to quench the thirst and rehydrate guests after a long day. You can rely on a trusted catering as well as a local structure, selecting original, fresh and colorful ideas: for example an island dedicated to slushes, fresh fruit skewers, mini ice creams, sorbets or popsicles on a stick, cocktails prepared live, sushi or Hawaiian pokes as long as they are very fresh. An advice
Do not save on quality, focus on a few courses, rather than on a buffet, also based on the number of guests and the space you will have available. Consider between 50 and 100 euros per guest, all included, an average price to evaluate.
Finally, for the party , it is not necessary to shoot the fireworks or an entire live band, but do not forget a touch of entertainment: a DJ who plays on the beach and “fires” the dance floor will be enough … And the rest just think about it, newlyweds, concluding this special day with a little madness, like a dip in the sea, or at least with a toast at the beginning of a new life, celebrating this moment that will certainly remain unforgettable.

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