If you are thinking of organizing your wedding, but the finances available to date have always held you back, it is important to know that there is the possibility of organizing a low cost wedding . With some tricks, we can make your wedding day special without spending a fortune and with a very low budget. Here are some useful tips for organizing a cheap wedding.

  • Organize a cheap and beautiful low cost wedding
  • How to organize an economic wedding: the expenses on which you can intervene
  • Low cost wedding ideas: here’s how
    • Cheap wedding dresses
    • Cheap Groom Suits
    • Makeup for the bride: ideas to save
    • Bride hairstyle
    • The bouquet for the bride: sometimes a symbol is enough
    • Cheap wedding favors to give as gifts: original ideas
    • Reception: costs and economic alternatives

Organize a cheap and beautiful low cost wedding
There are many couples who wish to get married but, unfortunately, due to the low budget , they postpone the fateful date for many years, waiting for finances to make this dream come true. A traditional wedding has very high costs, which can even reach several thousand euros . If you want to get married and are willing to make some sacrifices, we can reduce this expense to a few hundred euros. A big difference!
How do you get married without money
For example, a civil marriageit has significantly lower costs than a church wedding, and it is for this reason that many couples today choose to follow this path. A very simple marriage in common costs just the price of the revenue stamp which is around € 20. If some decisions, such as the choice of a civil ceremony or a religious rite, are strictly personal and we will not go into the merits of these choices, we can certainly intervene on some expenses to reduce them to a minimum.
If you have decided to get married on a budget, here are some tips to organize a cheap wedding, which will have nothing to envy compared to more expensive weddings. How to organize an economic wedding: the expenses on which you can intervene
If we cannot give up on some purchases, such as wedding rings , there are others that have a significant impact on the budget that can also be substantially reduced.
One of the expenses that we can reduce for cheap weddings is that destined for clothes for the bride and groom , but not only. We can save on wedding favors, on invitations preferring them in digital version to be sent via SMS, WhatApp or via email, on the bridal bouquet, on make-up, on the hairstyle and also on the wedding reception.
Now let’s see in detail how to organize a beautiful wedding by spending little. Low cost wedding ideas: here’s how
You may be wondering now how to organize a wedding on a budget: by following these tips you will realize how it is possible to save a lot, without making big sacrifices, but above all by finally making your dream of joining in marriage possible. Cheap Wedding Dresses
As we have read above, one of the expenses that weighs heavily on the wedding budget is the bride’s dress. If you are willing to give up your dream dress, you can find cheap wedding dresses online that will enhance you to the fullest. The fabrics will obviously not be the same as a traditional dress, but the final effect will be just as gorgeous and no one will notice the difference.
You just need to have a little patience to find the most suitable dress, in line with your tastes and your build. By choosing an inexpensive wedding dress, the cost is reduced from 1,000 / 2,000 (at least) to just over € 100. The choice is wide and, thanks to free returns, you will have the opportunity to try on different models: by choosing on Amazon the dresses that are part of the “Try First, Pay Later” promotion, you can order different wedding dresses without even paying for them immediately, and then decide calmly, after trying them all, which one to keep (and pay for) and return all the others for free.
Empire style cocktail dress, with V-neck, sleeveless

    52,99 EUR
    Buy at Amazon
    Elegant lace mermaid wedding dress with slit

      64,99 EUR
      Buy at Amazon
      Long empire style wedding dress in chiffon

        76,99 EUR
        Buy on Amazon
        Sleeveless wedding dress with V-neckline, short front and long back, in tulle

          Buy on Amazon
          Wedding dress with adjustable straps, long, in tulle

            59,99 EUR
            Buy on Amazon
            If you really do not want to give up the dress of your dreams, the economic alternative to buying is to rent the wedding dress : but be careful, even in this case the rental costs are rather high and change according to the chosen dress. To get a precise idea of ​​the costs, don’t wait until the last minute and start consulting the different ateliers in your area to find the right dress and compare prices. Cheap Groom Suits
            Not just the bride. To affect the expenses to be dedicated to the wedding we also find the suit for the groom. In traditional shops, the prices for the groom’s clothing start (approximately) from € 200 upwards (for a well-made wedding suit we even exceed € 500), but online we can find cheap versions of suits for groom at prices that fluctuate. around € 100. The savings are considerable, but remember that even in this case the fabrics will not be of the same quality as a suit purchased in the store. However, if your aim is to spend as little as possible, this will be the best choice.
            Groom suit in different colors, consisting of 3 pieces, jacket, trousers, vest

              94,37 EUR
              Buy on Amazon
              Single-breasted herringbone wedding suit, in different colors, consisting of 3 pieces, jacket, trousers, vest

                101,99 EUR
                Buy on Amazon
                Wedding suit, in different colors, consisting of 2 pieces, jacket, trousers

                  83,99 EUR
                  Buy on Amazon
                  Groom suit, in different colors, consisting of 3 pieces, jacket, vest and trousers

                    101,99 EUR
                    Buy on Amazon
                    Groom suit, in different colors, consisting of 3 pieces, jacket, vest and trousers

                      98,99 EUR
                      Buy on Amazon Make-up for the bride: ideas to save Make-up for
                      the bride is another expense that affects the wedding budget: for such a special occasion we can make an exception and rely on a professional sector bearing in mind that the cost is around € 200 and usually includes a make-up test and the final make-up performed on the wedding day.
                      However, if you are good at applying make-up and you need to minimize expenses , you can do your own make-up using long-lasting cosmetic products, perhaps carrying out make-up tests at home to find the best result for you.
                      L’Oreal Paris long-lasting foundation, moisturizing and waterproof

                        17,99 EUR
                        8,87 EUR
                        Buy on Amazon
                        NYX Professional Eyeshadow Palette, 16 Shades

                          19,90 EUR
                          12,40 EUR
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                          Max Factor long lasting lipstick, moisturizing formula, different shades

                            14,90 EUR
                            10,58 EUR
                            Buy on Amazon Bride’s Hairstyle
                            Start with clear ideas. Nowadays online we can find numerous inspirational photos and choose between two paths. Get your hair styled by your trusted hairdresser on your wedding day, or do it yourself if you have enough practice and the right tools at home. The cost of the hairstyle is absolutely affordable, as long as you don’t need numerous tests before the wedding. So start with clear ideas and bring with you the accessories you want to show off together with your hairstyle, limiting yourself to just one test. In this way the expense will be very minimal.
                            Silver color bridal hairstyle accessory, 50 cm long

                              Buy on Amazon
                              Bridal hairstyle accessories consisting of 5 pieces

                                14,99 EUR
                                Buy on Amazon
                                Bridal hair clip with rhinestones and silver pearls

                                  9,66 EUR
                                  42 Silver Wedding Hairpins on Amazon

                                    11,99 EUR
                                    Buy on Amazon
                                    Wedding hair clip in 3 colors, silver, gold, rose gold

                                      11,66 EUR
                                      Buy on Amazon The bouquet for the bride: sometimes a symbol is enough
                                      The bouquet for the bride must be wrapped and delivered on the wedding day. If you want to save on this expense, you can choose a small floral bouquet , limiting the cost to around € 30. The final price will obviously vary depending on the florist, the flowers chosen and the desired processing. Cheap wedding favors to give as gifts: original ideas
                                      Even for wedding favors it is possible to save by choosing a small gift to give to the guests as a thank you for their presence and company. The inexpensive favors that can be purchased online are really many and range according to the available budget, but remember that they must be combined with the confetti box to be given to guests at the end of the ceremony.
                                      Bottle opener keys favor, 50 pieces, copper color

                                        18,99 EUR
                                        Buy on Amazon
                                        Set consisting of 3 heart-shaped bottle caps

                                          8,99 EUR
                                          Buy on Amazon
                                          Set consisting of 12 glass jars with married couple
                                          29,90 EUR
                                          Buy on Amazon
                                          Another economical alternative for choosing original wedding favors is to buy small succulent plants from your trusted florist . The succulents have a cost that is around € 2 (and even less) and can be packaged in small pots for seedlings, to which the boxes containing the sugared almonds will be added.
                                          Set consisting of 6 colored pots for succulent plants

                                            18,99 EUR
                                            Buy on Amazon
                                            Set consisting of 4 ceramic pots for succulents, in different designs

                                              21,99 EUR
                                              20,99 EUR
                                              Buy on Amazon
                                              Set consisting of 3 ceramic pots for succulents

                                                26,52 EUR
                                                Buy on Amazon
                                                Set consisting of 6 ceramic pots for succulents, colored

                                                  23,99 EUR
                                                  Buy on Amazon The reception: costs and economic alternatives
                                                  In principle, it is possible to say that the cost of the wedding dinner is generally covered by the envelopes that the guests give to the bride and groom. The indicative cost for each guest’s meal in a traditional restaurant varies between € 90 and € 100 or more: this figure depends on several factors, including the type of menu chosen (the one based on fish, for example, has a higher cost), the number of courses to be served, the type of wedding cake, the presence or absence of refreshments, the number of guests and the restaurant itself. Before choosing therefore, it is good to consult different restaurants to compare their quotes.
                                                  If you also want to intervene on this expense for a low cost wedding and you have a large space available, you can opt for a catering service that offers a complete treatment for the wedding at affordable prices.
                                                  You want to avoid all of this . Organize a packed wedding . And the latest trend, to save on costs and boredom. Call it a wedding picnic or a low-cost packed wedding , the substance does not change. We celebrate in the green , so once you leave the church or the town hall it will be a must to remove the heel 10 and put on comfortable sandalsbass. An informal buffet during which the children present will not be forced to stay nailed to the table but will be able to run around happily on the lawn. The location
                                                  A park or a farmhouse with a banquet served outdoors, the garden of the parents ‘or grandparents’ home. The savings are considerable: it goes from 25-40 euros per person against 100-130 euros for a traditional celebration, eliminating the rent of the room or the ancient villa.
                                                  For an alternative photo album, disposable cameras can be made available to guests to be returned when the film is finished: in this way each of them will immortalize your day in its own way, and will leave you with a personalized memory.
                                                  The number one rule for a perfect success, however, remains the same: nothing should be left to chance . Informality is fine, but it’s still a marriage .

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