Today we are talking about savings, but not intended in its mere economic sense: we are talking about saving our time , which has now become truly precious. How to best manage it, especially if you have little available
Here is a useful guide that will help you find more time for yourself and for the things you really love.
“I don’t have time” is probably one of the phrases you repeat often, both to yourself and to your friends or family. Time is actually the same for everyone, only some people manage to organize themselves better and carry out all the activities that are really important. So here are some tips to better manage your day without stress. What is really important
Manage your time:

The first essential point to better organize your time surely is to understand what is really important to you . Make a list of tasks that are really necessary and exclude anything that is superfluous or that is not really useful to you. With this first step, you will have already slimmed down your daily commitments. Plan your days
The second point to keep in mind for a good management of your days is to create an agenda where you can determine when to do certain things.
There are many tools that can help you in this business: paper diaries or, if you prefer, electronic ones. Nowadays it is also possible to download free appson which to write down all the commitments of the day. In this way you will have your “check list” always at hand, wherever you are.
Remember that in the agenda you will also have to make time for yourself : it could be a few hours of relaxation, an afternoon to spend in the gym or outdoors to do some physical activity, or, again, an afternoon with friends. Whatever your preference, don’t forget to add this item to your agenda! It will help you recharge your batteries and feel freer. Multitasking: the enemy of your time
Nowadays we all too often speak of “multitasking” people, that is, capable of doing more things at the same time. In reality this is a “harmful” way to manage our time because it leads us to do too much and, often, to perform poorly the assigned tasks. More than a skill this is usually a constraint due to the lack of time. Dedicate yourself to only one task at a time : you will do it better and you will immediately notice a lesser load of tension both physically and emotionally. Are you really sure you will not be able to do tomorrow the task you would have liked to do today together with many others . Learn to delegate: it will change your life!
Probably in this moment of reflection you will realize that there are several tasks that you keep putting off: stop for a moment and ask yourself why. Most certainly the answer is that you don’t have the skills to do that task and you just don’t know how to do it.
I also had this problem, but over time I have learned to manage it better: I would like to be able to do everything, but we are not perfect and, above all, we cannot know how to do everything .
Instead of continuing to postpone, learn to delegate these tasks to an expert: you will get rid of a huge burden and get much more in less time .

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