There are many lovers and followers of fried eggs , a simple meal that solves many menus and, in addition, it is delicious. On a nutritional level , eggs contain proteins that are very necessary for our diet but, prepared in this way, they have many calories that are not suitable for healthy diets.
However, at any meal – for breakfast, lunch or dinner – a fried egg without oil becomes a quick and easy recipe that will please everyone . It is also a way to offer the family a very complete food with the same flavor as always.
Below we provide different options to prepare a fried egg, yes, but eliminating the oil from the equation (or using a few drops).

To the water
We will
use, above all, a good non- stick frying pan over high heat. Add a little water with a pinch of salt. As soon as it begins to boil, we will add the egg and cover the pan so that it is done to our liking, depending on whether we prefer the yolk to be more or less curdled . We must drain the water well when removing it.


In a small frying pan or griddle, add (literally) a drop of extra virgin olive oildistributing it with a napkin or a brush. When it is hot enough, we will add the egg and wait for the egg white to begin to curdle . It will be time to put a lid until the cooking is finished . Another possibility, perhaps with another twist but with very similar results, is to use a sandwich maker .


┬┐In the oven
Well yes, one of the healthiest options that we can choose to cook our dishes and that they are always at their point. We will preheat up and down and we can in avegetable paper source . When it is very hot, we will pour the egg into the container and put it in the oven. In about 5-6 minutesIt will be ready, although it may be a little more or less always looking for the point that we like .


This is the quickest version of healthy fried eggs. How will we do it

With great delicacy, we will crack an egg into a deep plate, so as not to break the yolk . We will take a pinch of salt and put another plate on top. We will have to heat for 40 seconds at medium power and add 5 seconds based on how done we want it. If we want it to be a little juicier we can add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

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