The issue of security at home is always topical. Anyone who decides to buy a house or renovate it pays great attention to the question: how to make your home safe
What precautions to take and which devices to focus on
Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that a safer home is also a home that is worth more : to reveal it is, which reveals how the rental of safe houses costs 21% more than those of unsecured houses, while the sale price is 7% higher. However, only one in three houses is equipped with an armored door (mainly in Lombardy, Lazio and Piomente), one in seven with a video intercom and one in ten with an alarm system. But how to secure a homeThe security door
The first useful element to make a house a safe house is the security door . Sturdy and armored, and made with ultra-resistant materials with anti-burglary properties. The best quality models have an internal steel sheet (which can be up to 4 millimeters thick) and the exterior covered with wood or other aesthetically valuable materials. The thicker the internal sheet metal, the more the door will be able to withstand any attempts at break-in and tampering with the outside.
There are also some European regulations, on the subject of armored doors, which divide them into 6 security classes: doors in class 1 resist physical force only, in class 2 to external attacks with simple tools (such as pincers or screwdrivers), in class 3 to attacks with crowbar, in class 4 to attacks with chisels and electric drills ( but also with hammers, axes, shears and hand saws), in class 5 for attachments with powerful drills and electric saws, in class 6 for expert burglars using high-powered electric tools.
Armored doors Fortezza collection | Source: Bertolotto The bar
There is, however , an alternative, to the security door . You can also “lock” the entrance door that we already have by installing a safety bar, which allows you to keep your frame in this way (a choice often made by those who have an ancient door, or by those who do not feel like facing the expense of purchasing an armored door). The universal bars increase the resistance of the door and counter the break-in attempts, adding a lock to the existing one (and thus doubling the time and effort for their opening), increasing the closing points that hinder breaking and keeping it in position the door even if it should be unhinged (as it is anchored to the walls and / or the floor).
Viro safety bar | Source: Viro The alarm system for
making a house safe, extremely effective and the alarm system. However, the market is so complex and so rich in offers that finding your way around can become difficult. How to choose the right system
First of all, considering the size of the house, the number of rooms, the number of hours it remains empty and the presence or absence of pets. And then setting a budget. In principle, the alarm systems are of two types: there are wireless ones, which do not require ducts for the passage of the wires during installation (and are therefore easier and faster to install), and are therefore particularly suitable when there is no predisposition or when you do not want to carry out “invasive” works; and there are those wired, or with wires, which do not depend on radio waves or batteries and therefore remain the most reliable and safest.
Then there are the alarms with mixed system , which use a wired control unit inside the walls of the house and wireless sensors outside, and the alarms with GSM support , which are equipped with a SIM and provide for the sending of a phone call. or a message with preset numbers to warn of an infringement (but also to warn, for example, that the battery is flat). Finally, there are the alarms connected 24 hours a day with the Operations Center (of the Police or the lookout), which receive a signal in the event of an intrusion and which intervene even when the owner of the house is not there.
BTicino alarm systems | Source: BTicino
By adopting these systems, your home will earn money in safety. And, in case you want to sell or rent it, you can aim for a higher sale or rental price.

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