Today’s houses, we know, are characterized by ever smaller sizes: so people live in one-room and one-room apartments, getting used to ever smaller houses. But the needs remain the same and even a small house must be adequately valued in order to better enjoy the spaces. The same goes for the bathroom: a truly indispensable room that, in modern homes, is generally reduced to even a few square meters, no longer having a bathtub but a more practical (and compact) shower. Having a small bathroom, however, does not represent a problem in any way, if you make sure to furnish it in an intelligent way in order to still have enough space to be able to move comfortably and not miss anything.
So even if you have a small bathroom you don’t have to worry at all because there are many techniques to furnish and manage it in order to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, even if it is only a few square meters. Are you wondering how to make a small bathroom seem larger, brighter and more liveable
? Here are some tips that may be right for you. Making a small bathroom more liveable: how to do it

  1. What colors to choose for a small bathroom
    The brighter and lighter ones are the perfect choice because they give, at a glance, the impression of a larger surface. Playing with luminous, reflective and light-colored ceramics is therefore the ideal solution in a small bathroom: for the same reason, dark and gloomy colored ceramics should be avoided, which make spaces seem more cramped. If you really don’t like white, you can also opt for light blue, or beige or sand, very trendy colors and for a large mirror that visually enlarges the space.
  2. The choice of bathroom furniture. You must always pay attention to the choice of bathroom furniture because a small bathroom also requires ad hoc solutions. For example, small bathroom cabinets and especially suspended bathroom furniture. A secret to furnishing the small bathroom and mainly exploiting the walls, so trying to use suspended furniture allows you to make good use of vertical spaces without cluttering excessively on the ground. For example, small furniture for small parts can be perfect, allowing you to organize the space in the bathroom without occupying and without cluttering. Better to opt, in a small bathroom, for furniture with reflective finishes that are bright and allow you to give the impression of more space inside the house. An excellent solution, for example,
  3. Suspended sanitary ware. The suspended sanitary ware is a good solution for the small bathroom: not only are they smaller, they also give a greater idea of ​​lightness and passage of light and therefore the bathroom will be less cramped. It should also be considered that this type of bathroom fixtures favors greater hygiene and cleanliness because they are not connected to the floor. And if the bathroom is small and really tiny, you can opt for the elimination of the bidet to be replaced with a hand shower to be used on the toilet, in the same shade as the other bathroom finishes. In general, it is better to avoid dark colors, preferably white or otherwise bright ceramic.
  4. Opt for the shower. The bathtub takes up a lot of space in a bathroom and is therefore not ideal in a small bathroom. The shower has cleaner, more modern and essential lines and moreover it is also smaller in size since it takes advantage of the vertical space. This is therefore the best solution if you have a small bathroom .
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