Every day each of us aspires to change himself from every point of view (physical, mental, relational, aesthetic), perhaps because it is impossible to accept each other at 360 ° or perhaps because we are impossible to satisfy: wanting to lose weight , gain weight, start a slimming, low-calorie, purifying, toning diet are just some of the goals that we strive to achieve every day.
However, few of us take into consideration that what makes our body ” healthy ” is a combination of elements such as food, mental and physical. By placing care and attention on these elements, it will be easier to feel better while at the same time obtaining a balance and a positive vision in everything we do every day.
But how can we manage to have a healthy, healthy and toned body
How can we manage to live life in a positive, active and not passive way, confident in the person we are
But above all, what is the key to achieving a general well-being of ours persona
Here are some useful tips for losing weight and being able to maintain a correct physical and mental balance .

Physical and mental balance also starts from the table
The diet that we follow every day is influenced by family, friends and mainly by the society in which we live. One of the mistakeswhich are most commonly committed by all those who decide to follow a diet and that of skipping some meals, cutting portions or even resorting to fasting. There is nothing more wrong!
The solution to healthy weight loss is simply to pay more attention to what you eat. To moderate will be the fats, sugars and carbohydrates that can be replaced by whole foods, much lighter but still appetizing. If you don’t have the possibility to prepare meals at home, that’s no problem! In case you are forced to eat at the bar, because you only have an hour available for the lunch break or if you have a dinner with friends, the only thing you have to pay attention to is to choose simple foods.For example, prefer a risotto, a pasta with tomato sauce or a meat or fish dish. In case you manage to prepare a lunch box, focus on the presence of cereals combined with steamed vegetables and legumes.
If the goal is to lose body weight, it may be useful to combine diet and physical activity with the use of food supplements . Very useful are, for example, those based on Garcinia Cambogia, a plant from Asia that helps to alleviate the sense of hunger by modulating the levels of serotonin. Paired with a low-carb diet, Garcinia Cambogia helps you keep your weight balanced.

Some benefits of physical activity
The ancient Romans used to say: “mens sana in corpore sano”. This demonstrates how important it was, at the time, to have a healthy and athletic body to keep one’s mind active and alive. Today the lifestyle has changed and few people do manual work. Most of them spend their days sitting at their desks or enjoying the comforts of the modern world. Cars, trains, subways and scooters, real comforts that, unfortunately, undermine the general health of the person. As a result, our body suffers and we don’t realize how critical the long-term consequences will be.
Exercising for 30 minutes a day for 5 days will benefit your body and mind. As you exercise, your brain releasesendorphin a particular hormone that acts in a similar way to an antidepressant. It allows your body to transport oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, helping the cardiovascular system to work efficiently.
Training is also tired, so you will enjoy spontaneous and deeper sleeps. However, you should avoid exercising before bed as you may be too energetic to fall asleep. Finally, by
exercising , calories are burned and the more intense the activity, the greater the calories that will be burned. The psychological benefits of physical activity
We have become accustomed to thinking that the mind and body are two independent elements from each other. But they work together

and the proper functioning of both is important to our health. Several studies have shown that physical activity plays an important role in the fields of learning ability and emotional well-being.
Let’s see some psychological benefits of exercise:

  1. Lower risk of dementia
    The results of 130 difference studies on the subject (Ahlskog et al., 2011) reported that physical activity helps prevent cognitive decline and mild dementia among participants, but not only! Participants who train were also noted to improve spatial memory.

  2. Sport speeds up your mind
    According to some studies (McMorris et al., 2011) exercise slightly decreases the accuracy of the exercise itself and this is compensated by an increase in speed. After 30 minutes of physical activity, working memory (or short-term memory) improves. It is all that is in your conscious mind at this moment and all that you are doing using this information.

  3. Physical activity improves the academic performance of the youngest
    Several studies have shown that children or young people who are engaged in a sport are more concentrated and focused in their studies and this allows a high attention even during the explanations and an early ability in time. management. These are also particularly focused more on real life and less on digital life.

In conclusion
In this article we have seen that it is impossible to deny how essential it is to maintain an adequate physical and mental balance for a good state of health.

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