Ceilings, chandeliers, LED lamps, spotlights, normal lamps, lighting panels and so on: these are just some of the objects that can be used to illuminate the house. In fact, there is no shortage of solutions and the problem is different: how to position all this in such a way as to provide the house with a unique style and a truly excellent design . design experts more than just tenants. Yet, with some ideas and following a couple of useful tips, it is certainly possible to make the house better lit and therefore more beautiful.
First of all, it is necessary to clarify the use of the suspended chandelier, which is the most common one. The latterit must be placed only in large rooms and, above all, it must be positioned high enough.
Of course, if you want to create a bit of a suspenseful atmosphere by lighting up the table only, you can also choose a cone shape of the chandelier. In this way the light beam will be projected only on a particular surface.
Alternatively, to illuminate the house you can focus on the ceiling light.
The latter must be applied directly to the ceiling and in its most classic form it looks like a small glass turtle with a light bulb inside.
To all this are added the spotlights – preferably the LED ones – useful for illuminating the kitchen worktop or the corner of the study. These spotlights, in addition to being very beautiful to look at thanks to an innovative and avant-garde design, offer a rather intense direct light.
The best solution for the home is undoubtedly represented by indoor spotlights. These can be placed both on the walls of the room and set directly in the ceiling. Their light can be directed wherever we need it and the beam is very strong and concentrated.
If you want you can also focus on lighting without some lamps in sight: in this case we are talking about the lights in the false ceiling.These are embedded in the false ceiling itself, as long as it is made of plasterboard. Also in this case you can orient the lighting according to how we like it best. The lighting of these lamps can turn to the kitchen counter, the table, the fridge and so on. Alternatively, it is also possible to direct the ceiling lights upwards to create a very relaxing and informal atmosphere, just like in the living room. Lately, alternative types of lighting, such as those offered by LED strips
, are also increasingly fashionable .
Thanks to these particular strips it is also possible to illuminate rather large areas, creating exclusive and personal figures and designs. Such strips are available on the market in a wide range of colors and can be placed almost anywhere: on cabinets, in the suspended ceiling, on the TV and so on.
The light of these lamps is diffused indirectly by the cover positioned on the strip itself. The only trick is not to use these strips inappropriately and not to overdo it. After all, design is one of those materials that requires a certain balance in the balance of colors.
Finally, you cannot forget about everything related to the stretch ceiling, an innovative and almost futuristic form of lighting. Thanks to this type of lighting it is possible to create an extraordinary lighting effect. It seems, in fact, that it is the ceiling itself that lights up.
The diffused light effect from the ceiling is very pleasant and by choosing the right shade of light it can even appear to be natural. The light source is placed behind the PVC film. The latter, in turn, can be decorated with various prints which will then be reflected on the light. The film can also be shaped and stretched at the edges to add specific effects to the light.
It is not necessarily mandatory to use the same form of lighting in all rooms, but it is anywaybetter that all the rooms in the house have the same style. In this way, contrasts will not be created between the various rooms, which will positively reflect on the general style of the house.
In any case , it is advisable to prefer LED lamps to traditional ones , as LED is one of those materials that offer a wide range of advantages, including greater economy of use, a wider illumination range and so on. Street. Furthermore, LED lamps last longer and represent an eco-sustainable material whose use is increasingly promoted all over the world.
Faced with an initial investment a little higher than a classic lamp, the advantages of the LED are really many: just try it to believe it!

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