Sex is undoubtedly amazing, especially when there is a lot of sexual attraction. However, when sleeping with someone you just met, it is very important to always use protection. In addition, if there is a pandemic in the world like there is now due to Covid 19, you have to be even more careful who you have sex with. Here are some tips on how to have sex during a pandemic.

How to increase protection during sex

Whether you have a partner or are meeting an escort for sex during the pandemic, it is essential to use all forms of protection. First, you should always use a condom. Second, you need to be very clean and make sure the other person has showered before you even meet. Also, don’t forget to use hand sanitizer, both you and your partner. Kissing is strictly prohibited, and also getting too close to your partner’s mouth. 

As mentioned earlier, if you are dating an escort from, then you should both wear a mask. After you’ve had sex, you need to shower again, and once you get home, you need to change all your clothes and put them in the washing machine. The idea is to have as little contact as possible with the other person and avoid touching your clothes and mouth. On the other hand, if you want to be 100% sure that you are protected, then resort to masturbation while watching an porn movie. You will definitely get rid of all the sexual tension and protect your health to the maximum.

Masturbation is highly recommended

If you want to be 100% safe during a pandemic, then it is recommended to turn to masturbation instead of having sex with people you don’t know. Since the beginning of the quarantine, many single people have chosen to masturbate to release sexual tension. If you currently do not have a partner, then masturbation is a very good solution. However, you shouldn’t do it too often because it can reduce your ability to orgasm with a partner. Once you re-engage in partnered sex, you will definitely get used to different forms of stimulation again.

Can Covid 19 be spread through semen?

Well, this is a very frequent question that many people ask themselves during this pandemic. If you have sex with your partner, then you won’t need to wear a face mask or even a condom. Since you live with this person in the same house, you will get the virus anyway if your partner already has it. Regarding this question, the research is quite unclear at this point. Scientists say the virus may be sexually transmitted, but they aren’t sure yet. Much more research is needed before a conclusion can be reached. Going through this article you realized that even during a pandemic you can find women for sex it is not something impossible. Everything depends on how much you want to expose yourself to contact with the virus, and if you decide to have sex, take all the precautionary measures.

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