Photo by Marco Usan. Since ancient times, the stories of spirits and ghosts have caused the curiosity of many cultures. Many stories tell of historical figures involved in these events: queens, politicians, writers and gangsters. To fuel the myth is often their premature end or a mysterious and violent death. The concept of a ghost is based on the ancient idea that a person’s spirit exists separately from her body, and can continue to exist after physical death.
Ghosts don’t exist, everyone knows. But we do not hide the fact that we too, during the writing of this piece, have repeatedly heard a disembodied voice that orders us: “write about everything, but forget the cursed island of Poveglia.”

Between history and legend …
Photo by Angelo Meneghini. The small Italian island of Poveglia is located south of Venice , and for centuries it has been a refuge, a place of exile and a landfill for the dying or deceased.
Its story begins in 421, when Poveglia welcomed its first inhabitants – men, women and children who fled the barbarian invaders who had devastated the continent. For many centuries this small community lived in peace and avoided the laws and taxes of the continent.
However, over the years, their population declined and subsequently the island was abandoned.
The legends and rumors about Poveglia are as pervasive as the weeds that surround it.
What is told is like a horror story . Thousands of people were burned and buried in this place following the black plague.
For this reason it is rumored that the land is made up of 50% human ashes. Local fishermen also feed the macabre myth of Poveglia, staying away from the island for fear of finding the bones of their ancestors in the waters.

The psychiatric hospital of Poveglia: the scariest asylum in Italy
At the end of the 19th century the area became the seat of the psychiatric hospital for the mentally ill . In fact, this structure was used as a place of exile rather than rehabilitation. Legend has it that in 1930 a doctor used to perform in this facilitystrange experiments on patients . Following a macabre experiment, the doctor goes mad and throws himself from the tower of the asylum. Locals still claim to hear its chimes echoing on the lonely island, even though the tower’s bell was removed a decade ago.

In recent years, a team of Italian workers tried to restore the former hospital , but suddenly the work stopped without explanation . The workers had been chased away by the dark forces of the island.

An island haunted by ghosts
Photo by Marco Usan.
In 1922 the island became the seat of a psychiatric hospital complete with a large and very impressive bell tower. Patients at this hospital immediately began to report ghosting . They were the victims of the plague who made their appearance and who lamented their suffering spirits at night. However, the patients were not listened to by the hospital staff, because they were considered insane and their complaints remained ignored for years.
Today Poveglia is considered one of the scariest places in the world .

Also the TV show Ghost Adventures, who deals with the paranormal, wondered if Poveglia was a haunted island. For this reason they shot an episode of the series there. Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff interviewed the locals to discover the peculiarities of this haunted island. They later had paranormal experts analyzed their experiments. Result: Poveglia is an island of death.

How to get to the island of Poveglia in the Venice Lagoon
Today Poveglia is uninhabited and tourism on the island is almost non-existent. Sara because every now and then the waves lapping the shore discover charred human bones. The only way to visit the island is to charter a private boat(they rent several at a cost of 70 euros), climb over the fence and enter the terrible Poveglia. Visiting is strongly discouraged for the faint of heart. Several psychics visited the island and its abandoned hospital, but all returned in awe of the sensations they had felt there.
From time to time daring police patrols explore the island, but everyone who has set foot in Poveglia has refused to return saying that the evil atmosphere reigns over the cursed island of Poveglia.

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