During everyday life it is normal to feel tired, stressed, low in tone and often wonder how to find energy . Work and commitments contribute to increasing stress and compromising physical and mental well-being. Especially if you have to face new challenges and get out of your personal comfort zone . But even if we don’t realize it, living only in one’s own certainties, marking the daily routine with the usual routine, turns us off and risks making us atonic. So let’s see together how to fight all this and find the strength to live new experiences.

The importance of getting out of the comfort zone
We have said that staying in the personal comfort zone represents an apparent situation of well-being, but in reality, settling into habits contributes to making us less and less able to evolve by limiting ourselves. Long-term stagnation in habits compromises the development of personality, personal performance and relationships with others.
Of course, pushing yourself beyond your own certainties creates physical and mental stress, in fact avoiding new situations, which seem uncomfortable, relieves us from the sense of anxiety and fear. But getting out of your canons also helps you learn something new. But be careful not to panic . Making shyness prevail and feeling overwhelmed leads to the decision to escape from difficult situations. And the sense of frustration also increases.
Everyone has their own comfort zone: things, people and places that make us feel protected, safe and comfortable with ourselves. It is not totally wrong to have your own certainties, but the important thing is to know how to go out when necessary.

How to do
it Ask yourself the right questions

Evolutionary changes are never sudden. It is good to start small to get used to new situations without suffering the consequences. To gradually get out of the comfort zone, it is important to try to look at your fears from different points of view and ask yourself the right questions.
First of all, it is very useful to reduce anxiety and stress by asking the right questions. It is important to understand how these actually create discomfort. Think about the realistic scenario to help you understand what the real possibilities are and what it means to do or not do something. Situations are often imagined in a more extreme and unlikely way than they really are.
Finding a happy medium between the drastic and the utopian allows us to give the right contours to personal fears. Life is a continuous succession of things and this is the beauty.
To get out of the comfort zone, you need to find new stimuli by experimenting with activities that you are not used to doing. We must not be held back by the fear of making mistakes, also because it will eventually be useful to learn and do better in the future.

Mental well-being thanks to yoga
When we find ourselves having to choose among many possibilities that we do not know, we prefer to avoid leaving the old path for the new one. But this puts pressure and the price to pay and the loss of mental as well as physical well-being and one feels tired.
Yoga and meditation are an extremely effective aid. They help to regain psychophysical and emotional balance and are a solution on how to find energy.
Regular practice, even in the most demanding moments, allows you to recover strength. It also increases concentration and clears the mind. Yoga is closely connected with health and is good for the body, mind and spirit. It promotes self-knowledge and improves the connection with oneself. Thanks to this it will be possible to live in a creative, constructive and courageous way. Staying focused will also make it easier for you to reach new goals and overcome daily challenges.

A natural help to find the energies
Making decisions, especially new ones, takes time and more energy. Getting out of the usual reassuring actions helps to find a physical and mental well-being, because it leads to evolve even when it is not immediately perceived. But how to find the energies with natural help
In addition to a diet rich in seasonal fruit and vegetables, there are useful components to be fully integrated to regain well-being and fight fatigue. Through the use of natural food supplements, therefore, it is possible to have the support you need. We understand below which ones to choose.
Fundamental is magnesium , a mineral that helps the body to reduce tiredness and fatigue. The recommended daily requirement depends on various factors such as lifestyle. It stimulates the normal functioning of the nervous system and energy metabolism for a normal protein synthesis, useful for muscle function. Among the foods that are rich in it we find legumes, dried fruit, cocoa, whole grains. But also green leafy vegetables and some spices.
Another indispensable element is zinc . It contributes to proper cognitive functioning and protein synthesis, as well as numerous other properties. It gives a radiant skin and promotes a general well-being of the organism. The major sources of zinc in food are almonds, pumpkin seeds, black currants, beans, and walnuts. But it can also be found in fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products. Arginine
is also essential , an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the body and must necessarily be taken through the diet. For example by consuming legumes, meat, dried fruit and vegetables daily. Given its biological properties it is also very useful in adolescence and puberty.
Finally the carnitinewhich is an amino acid found in many animal tissues, but avocado and fermented soybeans (tempeh) are also good sources. Fundamental for the production of energy and improve one’s daily performance.
If you often wonder how to find energy and are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone, now you have a solution to help you regain the strength to change. With the right support of natural supplements, a healthy lifestyle and the daily practice of physical activity you will soon regain mental well-being.

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