Furnishing your home cheaply is possible: you don’t necessarily need to invest a fortune in new furniture or embark on major renovations, unless your home really needs it. Small, effective and targeted low-cost interventions are enough and your apartment will immediately become more original and welcoming: here are some useful ideas. What you like
Let’s start from here

Let’s start with the style: which one you like and represents the most
Classic, vintage, rustic, urban, modern, shabby, colonial, Provencal: decide what you want to invest in, focusing on some pieces without forgetting that as a whole it must be all harmonious . Look for bargains
Arm yourself with holy patience: browse catalogs and visit different shops in search of the cheapest price or bargain. The furniture on display is usually discounted, but make sure it is not too damaged.
In addition, the web is full of flea markets: now there are dedicated apps, sites and groups on social networks: register and regularly check all the ads inserted so as not to miss any opportunity. With the second hand you will have a certain saving , often of 50%. It is also not unusual to find new products that have been sold off for wrong purchase : why not try! Refurbish old furniture
If possible, reuse old furniture, restoring it and changing its destination with a pinch of creativity. Then focus on furnishing accessories that will give your home a new look without completely revolutionizing it. Some ideas
Old vintage-style furniture is perfect to be painted in white, gray or other trendy colors: from a dark color, they will bring a lot of light into your homes! Also, if you like style, consider making some paint decorations on furniture doors using old doilies. Sell ​​the furniture you no longer like
Surely at home you will have some furniture that you just don’t like anymore, or that no longer fits (perhaps because of its size) to the new furniture you have in mind. Consider selling it : with the money you earn you can buy the new furniture you like so much, without taking out a single penny out of your pocket. Renew your home textiles
Renew the covers of the cushions in the living room or bedroom : choose a bright color, such as olive green, and recall it with touches of color even on fabrics and accessories.
NB FRECINQ 4 Pieces Sofa Cushion Cover 45×45 Bohemian Sofa Decorative Pillow Covers Multicolor Floral Print Pillow Covers for Sofa Chairs Garden Home Decoration
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Encasa Homes Chenille Throw Pillow Cushion Cover 2pcs Set – Turq – 50 x 50cm Solid Color, Soft and Smooth, Accent Cushion for Sofa, Chair, Bed and Floor

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    Buy on Amazon Buy new duvet covers or sheets
    As for the bedroom, renovating the bedding will completely transform the look of the room, bringing a new wave of color. You can renew the duvet cover, the set of sheets or add some colorful pillows to the bed. You will immediately notice a big difference! And the old linen
    Well, if it is in good condition you can always try to sell it in the various markets.
    Amazon Basics Microfiber Duvet Cover Set, 135 x 200 cm, Burgundy Simple Plaid

      17,54 EUR
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      Catherine Lansfield Floral Dramatic Duvet Cover, Polyester Cotton, Gray, Duvet Set 2 Squares

        33,01 EUR
        Buy on Amazon Change color to curtains
        Curtains are too often underestimated: they are cheap and can make a big change in a room. If it is too dark , for example, you can choose light fabrics that filter the sun’s rays and let in the light.
        If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to renovate a very bright room , you can indulge yourself by choosing curtains with stronger colors, but harmonious with the rest of the furniture: it will be impossible not to notice them.
        4.3 cm eyelet curtain, red, 140 x 260 cm

          16.82 EUR
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          MIULEE Linen Voile Window Curtain with Eyelets Panel Curtain Sheer Sail Shades for Living Room and Bedroom 2 Piece Set White + Beige 140X260Cm

            24,49 EUR
            Buy on Amazon Add paintings
            Fill a wall with paintings , frames with photos or images. You can also wisely leave them empty: the whole will be of great effect. You can indulge yourself in painting the frames in the same color (white is very popular) and have fun composing them on the wall, also combining other elements, such as a vase of elegant orchids or hearts to hang.
            Multiple Wall Photo Frames of 8 10×15 cm Photos, Family Photo Frame 57×45 cm

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              Multiple Wall Photo Frame 5 photos in White Plastic

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                ZEP TY1449 Vincennes Collection Multiple 5 Compartments, in Wood, Color: Beige / White / Blue, beige / blanc / bleu

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                  Buy new cushions for your old chairs , especially the anonymous ones in the kitchen: in this way they will acquire a completely new and original air and give a splash of color to the room. Sometimes it takes very little to change its appearance, without spending large amounts.
                  ZOLLNER 4 chair cushions for in and out, 40×40 cm, anthracite

                    39,99 EUR
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                    Grafenstayn® Set of 4 Seat Cushions Chair Cushion 38cmx38cmx8cm for Indoor and Outdoor – 100% Cotton – Many Colors – Thick Padding Quilted Cushion / Floor Cushion (Anthracite)

                      30,95 EUR
                      Buy on Amazon Renew the walls
                      Let’s move on to the color of the walls : the power of wall decals should not be underestimated. If applied with taste and imagination, in such a way that they recall other accessories of the same environment in the shape or color tones, they can give a completely new look to a room and elegantly characterize a previously insignificant corner. Your home will have that extra touch without having to paint the walls.
                      30 Pieces Butterflies Wall Stickers Silver Longivia® Wall Stickers Decorative Butterflies 3D Effect Mirror Wall Covering Living Room Bathroom Kitchen Home Wall Decor

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                        8,89 EUR
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                        GUANGMU Removable Wall Stickers Decorative Wall Stickers Decorations for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Nursery, Kids Room (Dandelion Stickers)

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                          Tropical Plant Wall Stickers, Green Leaves Wall Stickers, Suitable for Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, TV Background Wall, Corridor, Office, Shop, Etc

                            15,99 EUR
                            Buy on Amazon Add a rug or canvases
                            Choose a nice rug . There is no need to buy an expensive Persian carpet, there are carpets of all types, colors, sizes and above all all prices on the market. You are spoiled for choice. A modern tapestry A
                            large cotton canvas applied to the wall and that’s it: the effect is very original and the solution is decidedly low-cost.
                            Sanat Light gray polypropylene carpet, 80 x 150 cm

                              33,86 EUR
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                              Long Pile Rug, Super Soft Non Slip Long Pile Fluffy Rug, For Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Kids Room Headboard Mats (Black, 60x120cm)

                                Buy on Amazon Add vases and flowers
                                Finally, the art of arranging flowers can be an extra weapon for those who know it: a vase and a flower are enough to give a touch of extreme refinement to an environment. The important thing is to isolate the composition in order to give it more visibility, without interference from other elements that would interrupt the order and harmony. Source: DiLei

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