The boho chic furniture is a sort of manifesto of rebellion and freedom, which aims to break the monotony of minimal modern furniture. It is a style that is characterized by the absence of guidelines, inspired by the most free expression of those who live in the home environment. A boho chic and exclusively furnished and truly unique home, with Moroccan accents, saturated colors, super vibrant fabrics and textures . Everything is inserted within a rich interior vegetation : the green of the plants becomes an important furnishing element. And again lanterns of a thousand colors that recall distant lands, eclectic elements and hammockshanging from the ceiling: the result evokes the desire for a comfortable and relaxed life, in perfect “Vie Boheme” style.
In the boho-chic style each piece of furniture, object and decorative element has a history and a close bond with the owner: every detail is chosen carefully and never casually. But let’s see together the characteristics of boho chic furniture:

  • Boho chic: origin of the term
  • Boho chic furniture: main features
  • Boho chic style: creative recycling
  • Boho chic style: which colors to choose
  • Boho chic decor style: what decorations to insert
  • Boho chic furniture: a harmonious mix for a bohemian home
  • Baskets, vases, boho chic rugs: no limits
  • Boho chic garden: a paradise of relaxation

Boho chic: origin of the term
As you can guess from the name itself, the boho chic style is a transformation a development of the boho style, born in the nineteenth century and generally associated with the Hippie movement of the 60s and 70s. In 2000 the boho chic style took hold within the stylistic currents of interior design. But let’s see in detail the origin of the definition boho chic: boho is an abbreviation of the word bohemian, that is the lifestyle of the artists of the nineteenth century; chic is a French word for elegance and refinement, something trendy. The Bohemian lifestyleit is associated with the type of existence of creatives and intellectuals who lived on the margins of society, in an absolutely unconventional way. The word boho chic was born in the 2000s in the fashion world. Later it also took hold in the furniture sector, bringing with it certain evident characteristics. Boho chic furniture: main features
The boho chic style is practically a mixture of different styles, from Far West to Hippie , from ethnic (African or Indian) to Nordic . The whole is united by an explosion of bright colors, associated with different finishes. There is a perfect conjugation between Old and New, between theold and new . There is nothing minimal: the rooms are teeming with objects, carpets, curtains, plants and furnishings. Even the lights follow the cheerful mood of the entire furniture. Each room manages to tell a story in an original and personal way, thanks also to the inclusion of unique and inimitable pieces. The boho chic houses are all different from each other, although linked by this common philosophy. Thanks to the use of unique vintage pieces, each home takes on an exclusive and unrepeatable personality. What absolutely must not miss in a boho chic decor
Remember to include: ethnic poufs , cozy and comfortable sofas, cushions with different shades and prints, carpets with oriental influences and made with natural fibers,vintage accessories everywhere, patchwork , plants (in a perfect jungle setting) and lots of art. Natural elements must dominate inside the rooms: choose furniture in wood, bamboo, rattan and wicker . Boho chic style: creative recycling
What we mean by creative recycling
We suggest you go for a trip to the cellar or the attic and rummage through the old boxes: you could find vintage objects and furnishings to give life to your wonderful home in perfect boho chic style. This is a fun and inspiring aspect of this style – by choosing old pieces left over for many years, you can create a truly unique boho chic home. And remember: a house with boho chic and ever-changing decor! You can always change some furniture, decorations, details… You will never be bored and your home will always be a small temple of peace and comfort. Boho chic style: which colors to choose
Another fundamental element of boho chic furniture is certainly the color . The houses embellished and completed with this mood always have many colors: furniture, textile elements and decorative objects are characterized by many different shades, always cheerful and lively. But beware: the palettecolors and absolutely warm : in a boho chic house, red with a thousand shades, orange, purple, blue and yellow are the masters. Not to mention the green: the origins of the boho chic style go back to the hippie movement, therefore the reference to nature is mandatory and essential. Plants are no longer simple decorative elements, but become an integral part of the decor. The colors are expressed above all with the textile elements: the patterns refer to Moroccan and Indian settings, with warm colors and geometric shapes. And if the color of the floor doesn’t suit the boho chic palette
No problem: add some beautiful rugs(also because the bohemian house is full of carpets!) and you will be able to disguise the problem quickly and easily. Boho chic style furniture: what decorations to insert
Let’s move on to the decorations of the walls : as regards the walls, opt for white and neutral colors. You can choose to paint just one wall to make the whole room stand out. You could choose from the following colors: turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, saffron. But even a wallpaper would be perfect, always remaining consistent with the theme of the boho-chic style: jungle and tropical patterns are fine . This way your home will be a true bohemian paradise! Finally, do not limit the number of wall decorations: enterdream catchers , plates painted with the boho chic palette, hanging baskets and fabric tapestries.Boho chic furniture: a harmonious mix for a bohemian home
As for the furniture, choose furniture built with natural materials or with a natural finish: furniture in rattan , wicker and woven fibers is perfect . Wood certainly cannot be missing: it goes well in both dark and light shades. However, it must have a warm shade, therefore not tending to gray. A trick
Create a mix with bleached white shabby chic style furniture: in this way you will get a decidedly current and chic decor. Also remember to alternate new furniture with vintage furnishings and accessories. You could complement your boho chic decor with classic Viennese chairsmade of woven straw. It seems like too many elements
Don’t forget that bohemian style is the realm of contrasts. Just follow a consistent color scheme and everything will always be harmonious. Modern furniture and lacquered surfaces are naturally banned. Baskets, vases, boho chic rugs: no limits
Every self-respecting bohemian chic interior project has a hippie soul: this means that minimalism is categorically exiled. To furnish your home in a boho chic style, remember to include many accessories with a boho design. Fabrics are the actual protagonists of boho chic furniture. Choose boho chic rugs woven with color palettes, large sofas decorated withembroidered or macrame cushions . Don’t forget a folk style blanket that will become the perfect bedspread. In the living room but not only, he places wicker baskets full of colored plaids next to the armchair. Tableware is another undisputed protagonist of boho chic furniture : he creates compositions with terracotta vases of different sizes and dimensions . Finally, he fills some vases with dry, neutral-colored flowers. Boho chic garden: a paradise of relaxation
You are madly in love with boho chic furniture
Why not also create an outdoor space following the mood of the interiors
Or you could use the boho-chic style just for your garden, avoiding revolutionizing your home. Setting up a boho chic garden (or a boho chic terrace / balcony ) is very easy: choose sofas, coffee tables and rattan tables. Reclaimed wood furniture, such as pallet seats , also work great . You want to give a special touch to the whole composition
Choose a beautiful hammock in beige or ivory macrame, a symbol of boho chic design. Top it all off with ethnic-style rugs , ottomans and cushions. Finally, you will certainly not be able to give up garlands of lights , lanterns , plantsand wicker baskets. In this way your boho chic garden will become your favorite corner of the house!
Now you are ready to throw yourself into this project in pure Bohemian style: welcome your guests to your personal relaxation paradise!

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