Considered a more country version of the hugely popular New York-style industrial style, the rustic industrial trend is warmer and decidedly less rough. Also known by many as rustrial (a word that combines the two terms rustic and industrial) and a varied and particularly popular furnishing trend, ideal for furnishing only some rooms of the house, but also to complete entire and sophisticated country houses. Studied on the balanced combination of important materials and traditional textures, it is completed in the refinement of furnishings with sober and essential lines and in the decorative elements (shabby chic, but not only) typical of the rustic style. Let’s find out what the main features are. The importance of materials
Elegant, but not patinated, rich, but without being excessive, the neo-rustic style is an extremely versatile furnishing trend that mixes: vintage and contemporary, “rough” materials and patinated surfaces. A style in which current and traditional components are combined which, if well combined, can give life to timeless spaces in which different periods and eras seem to be stratified. Cement, corten metal, gilded and / or burnished metals, stone, wood and exposed brick are the main ingredients used for coatings, finishes and furnishings. More “rough” components that accompany natural materials creating a balanced and harmonious game between rustic and industrial. The color palette used
The shades that marry this style are inspired by the surrounding nature and are articulated within a palette of warm and well-defined shades. The range of colors therefore ranges from light shades to more closed and decisive ones. They range from neutral and natural whites to the most intense shades of green and burnt brown, up to bronze and rust. A palette of dense and structured earth colors that combine perfectly with the important materials and textures that characterize the rustic industrial trend. Neutral colors and monochromatic solutions that, for once, put aside the bright and bright colors a little to give life to sober environments in which (even chromatically) the great protagonists are, for once, the materials in their roughest facets .Fabrics, decorative elements and furnishings
In this style, fabrics are of far from secondary importance. Chosen with a “raw” finish, as in the case of linen or jute, or more important and structured such as leather, tweed and tartan, they are perfect for making upholstery and curtains and completing bedrooms and living rooms, contributing to the construction of welcoming environments with a lived-in look. In addition to the fabrics, central to each style to give personality, there are other “necessary” elements that contribute to complete the rustic industrial style. Among these we find the furnishings, preferably vintage or with industrial lines, in iron or wood and with shapes that are impactful and therefore capable of restoring character to the environments and furnishing accessories, to be chosen as simple and functional as possible.wooden table to be coupled with wooden chairs or metal seats. Finally, to create the right atmosphere, lamps cannot be missing, preferably suspended or floor lamps. To be chosen in metal they will be perfect to restore the right atmosphere to the whole, but also warmth and comfort. The importance of plants
Perfect with all furnishing and central styles to give vitality to environments, the green elements, in this particular furnishing trend, have an even more relevant value. Important to give color and give naturalness to the space, they are fundamental to “lighten” important materials and to soften the rough and hard lines of industrial-style furnishings and accessories. To choose from succulent plants and large evergreen leaves if organized in metal vases and pot holders, they will give, from the living room to the entrance, personality and vitality and will soften the rough lines of dense materials and colors.
Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, all environments can enjoy this trend and be redesigned with a rustic industrial style. Perfect for furnishing apartments and solutionsopen space and ideal for those spaces that require a certain flexibility and are easily “adaptable” to the different uses that contemporary life leads us to have (for example, quickly converting a study environment to a living room, or from a dining area to a work area …) . Whether you choose it to dare in a single environment or to characterize the entire house, the rustic industrial style will give life to modern, versatile and comfortable spaces and invite you to experience the home even more.

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