Country furniture brings countryside and mountains to townhouses too . The atmosphere of a country-style apartment is warm and relaxed. The whole is harmonious and rests the tired eyes after a day of study or work. The rustic furniture is built with natural materials that are enhanced in their intrinsic characteristics. The veins and knots of the wood, the rough surfaces of the stone, the brilliance of the marble are the protagonists of soft environments where soft shades and pastel colors dominate.
The country furniture as a whole constitutes the reverberation of many well-finished details, but at the same time full of spontaneity and tradition: a mirror placed apparently by chance on a chest, the floral embroidery of white sheets and towels, a potpourri with dried flower petals and the aroma of essential oils, chairs with the seat in wicker, a candle holder with an antique look, with the wax that seems to have been recently poured, during a romantic evening, by the light of a flame. The country chic furniture and the white
The country chic furnitureit goes well with the white, opaque, which covers the wood with overhanging decorations and sinuous lines. An old sideboard, the cupboard of the past, a wardrobe inherited from the grandmother are all objects that are perfectly suited to be repainted in white and placed in a context with a rustic, country chic style.
White lives in harmony with the different shades of wood and with the cold notes of stone . The presence of a dark leather armchair can accentuate an effect of chromatic conflict, always however sweet, which is kept within certain boundaries and never leads to excess. In fact, the whole of the country chic furniture is harmonious and gives peace, it is fresh and light, romantic and carefree.
One of the rooms of the house where white and country chic style find a perfect combination and the kitchen . In this case, the white painted wooden doors are combined with wooden or stone shelves and floors, with colored objects that create a delicate note of contrast. For example, in the harmony of the light colors of the furniture and coverings you can insert a vase of a bright color, such as fuchsia, red, orange. The modern country furniture and the stone
The modern country furniture combines the taste for furniture with a rustic appearance with that for the most essential, geometric design closely linked to the function to which an object responds in a particular environment. So natural wood tables and chairs can coexist with light metal shelves with minimalist lines. The use of materials is also part of the subtle game that mixes forms of different ancestry. For example, a wooden floor creates a visual contrast with resin or concrete coatings.
Stone is a natural materialwhich can be used for coverings or to make washbasins and tubs. If you want to furnish your home in country style, you must take it into consideration to evaluate all the possibilities. If you decide to give space to the stone in a personalized context with country chic furnishings, all its characteristics must be highlighted.
As a cladding, stone can give its touch of charm to floors and walls. It can be combined with simple wooden beds or wrought iron beds dressed in white sheets and a simple furniture that allows you to observe all the peculiarities of the wooden surfaces, with its irregular designs and the warmth of its welcoming appearance.
In the bathroom and in the kitchen, stone is often the material of the sink in the rooms set up withcountry decor . The water flowing through it can be dispensed from a waterfall tap, which is not closed at the top and leaves splashes and streams in sight. Country bathroom furniture Country bathroom furniture
is made up of numerous objects that, inserted individually or together in the service room, give life to a rustic environment, with that particular holiday suggestion of furnished places as if they were in the countryside. There are stone washbasins and tubs , a natural material that visually renders all the suggestion of an uncontaminated environment where crystal clear water flows.
Also a copper tubwith rounded shapes, with feet decorated with naturalistic ornaments that combine with golden taps, it can give great charm to the service room, if you want to set it up with country bathroom furniture. It can be placed next to the wall, inserted in a corner or placed in the center of the room, like a real protagonist, the first woman of country bathroom furniture.
Wood is also a widely used material for country chic bathrooms. In fact, there are woods suitable for withstanding humidity. As is usually the case to create a rustic style, the grain, knots and imperfections of the wood are left exposed, natural. The laundry cabinets in the bathroom are often made of wood, but the floor can also be in Teak , Doussie , Merbau, Iroko , all types of wood suitable to withstand humidity well. Country chic furniture: the details that make the difference
When there is little space available, a detail is enough to keep the country chic charm on in every room of the house. In a small bedroom, where two tiny bedside tables can barely stand out, a large and white mosquito net gives a suggestive note that goes well with the stone claddings and the wooden floor.
The wrought iron structure of a four-poster bed, without fabrics that make it redundant, and an element that plays in a decisive way to fuel a fairytale atmosphere. Combined with a terracotta floor and upholstered and enveloping armchairs, it creates a romantic bedroom, with a rustic style, which immerses you in tranquility.
To complete and enrich the harmony of country chic furniture it is possible to add one or more objects characterized by ethnic design. A wooden coffee table that still has a part of the bark and reveals the designs of the inside of the tree trunk, the multicolored cushions decorated with threads of golden fabric, sculptures with sinuous shapes in dark color and well-shaped pot-bellied vases are all details that can be added to a rustic interior to obtain the fascine of the ethno country style.

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