When the time comes to choose the furnishings with which to fill a new home just purchased, and which must be customized starting from scratch , we almost always focus on the most “lived-in” environments, the first ones that spring to mind: there is the ‘task of the kitchen , a welcoming living area with character but also functional and comfortable must be set up, care must be taken in the choice of furniture for the bedroom .
Choosing the furniture for the entrance to the house is considered an almost secondary factor, yet we are talking about an environment that has a very specific role in the home, not only because it isthe first that welcomes us when we return home but also because it constitutes the first impact that any guest receives when we welcome him, and therefore acts as a business card .
We are well aware that today there is an architectural trend that eliminates this space, with a front door that directly overlooks a large living room or even an open space ; but those who still have that pleasure in composing that sort of decompression chamber represented by the entrance will be able to find in this article some useful suggestions to obtain results of which they can also be proud.What to consider for the furnishing of the entrance
We have said that the entrance is the first room you visit , and therefore it is preferable to characterize it in a style that goes well with that of the rest of the apartment , showing a certain amount of harmony but without taking up the aesthetic characteristics in a specular way. The risk is to reveal everything immediately, and not have more surprises!
It is enough to stick to more nuanced elements, which barely hint at the personality and character of the apartment , but above all an error to avoid and overload the entranceof too many objects or furnishings that can convey the impression of a chaotic space, a sensation to be avoided even for oneself. The furnishings for the entrance
Having clarified, let’s see which are the truly essential and indispensable elements of furniture to furnish the entrance to the house : we do not have a claim to being exhaustive, but we count on being right if we list among what just cannot be missing. as follows:

  • a coat hanger
  • a mirror for one last quick look before you leave
  • a shelf or cabinet
  • an armchair to sit down and take off your shoes

All have very specific functions, but in particular the cabinet or the shelf are the top of practicality as the first support element, that is as a pocket emptier , for everything you have to get rid of as soon as you cross the threshold of the house: just think of the keys, the wallet , to any correspondence just withdrawn from the mailbox, up to the mobile phone.
For the other elements we have mentioned, the utility explains itself, but a cabinet like the one described is the only true multifunctional furniture that cannot be missing in the entrance of your home.
There is a nice variation on the theme that many companies focus on design furnitureoffer to the most demanding consumers, and it is the console , which manages very well to perform the double task of a support shelf and a piece of furniture capable of enhancing with often new and original lines all the stylistic imprint of the entrance that will be so perfectly aligned with your modern decor . In particular, in addition to the lacquered models, also the console models made with details and components in solid wood , the noblest material of all when it comes to furniture, are gaining ground. For a more in-depth analysis on this issue, we refer you to our article on the advantages and disadvantages of wooden furniture, while remaining on the main theme we want to suggest some guidelines that you should follow for the best result. Guidelines for furnishing the entrance
Pay attention to the advice in the next paragraphs, they will allow you to choose and arrange each element in a practical and rational way, using all the spaces in an intelligent way. Attention to order and harmony
Having said the usefulness of the shelf or the pocket emptier shelf , you must always pay attention to composing an environment that is not chaotic and where everything is arranged in a harmonious and well-organized way, just to ensure functionality and aesthetics. Storing everything in its place as soon as you enter the house, and knowing where to do it – just think of coats or bags – will immediately make you feel at ease . Correct entrance lighting
It is very common that an entrance does not have a source of natural light , so you are obliged to organize light points to be placed in a strategic way . In this case, there are ceiling lights, wall lights or even the very modern LED spotlights to be integrated into the false ceiling, but without neglecting the more traditional solution of the suspended chandelier.
What matters is that the lighting comes from above, and is able with the choice of light bulbs of the right intensity to make the environment comfortable at first impact, preferring warm lights that will give a distinctive and personal style. Combine style and functionality
There are those who make the mistake of considering the entrance only as a passage area, without dwelling too much on its composition. If you have read about it so far you have understood that the entrance to the house has a duty to be welcoming , hospitable and comfortable, and can also be enhanced by decorative solutions .easy and quick to apply and that will add character to the first square meters of your home. A very trendy idea that is gradually reasserting itself is that of covering a single wall with wallpaper with particular decorations, of a geometric or floral type or in any case imaginative and original.

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