What is more suggestive than a room with sloping walls , exposed wooden beams, a skylight where the stars shine
Those who live in an independent house or on the top floor of a building, might wonder how to get a room attic from the empty space under the cover. An attic can be transformed into a bedroom, a room for children’s games, a reading and study room. The rooms obtained in the space formed by the pitches of the roof of a house do not allow to exploit the entire verticality of a wall. Indeed, they are characterized by a decreasing ceiling height on one or both sides of the room. This feature imposes limits, but gives the possibility to create an intimate environment. So,to make it functional and pleasant. How to take advantage of a habitable or non-habitable attic
To understand how to take advantage of an attic and transform it into a useful environment for your needs, it is first of all necessary to consider its characteristics. In fact, depending on the space requirements, the room is classified as a habitable atticor not habitable. Clearly, in the two cases, the paths to take are different. A habitable attic is called an “attic” and can also be a separate apartment. For the room under the roof pitches to be considered habitable, the average height must be at least 2.7 m and the ratio between the floor area and the windows equal to or not less than 1/8. If the attic space is used as a bathroom or corridor, the average height can be as low as 2.4m. What can be done in an uninhabitable attic
And if the prerequisites for habitability are missing, how to furnish an attic in a functional way and make the most of it
Even a space without habitability can be useful. In fact, it satisfies, for example, the need to store clothes that are not used for the season, or suitable only for specific circumstances: ski suits, trekking clothing, ceremonial clothes, but also different types of equipment, such as snowshoes, harnesses, wetsuits and other types of sports equipment. New home owners and new home owners who ask what can be done in an uninhabitable attic can rest assured: from the small room under the cover of a house you get at least a deposit. But an uninhabitable attic is also suitable for becoming a laundry room, where you can do washing machines, hang laundry or put them in the dryer. How to take advantage of a low attic
If the space under the roof pitches is not sufficiently high and bright to obtain habitability, it can easily become a comfortable “branch” of the wardrobe . In some cases, a small attic acts as a real wardrobe. It is the perfect place to keep the clothes that are not used at the moment and put those of everyday life at hand. In short, in a few moves you can see how to exploit a low attic in the manner of a real walk-in closet . Just a few shelves, a few low cabinets, a coat rack with space for shoes, and that’s it. How to renovate an attic: lighting, colors and “crowding”
There are many ideas to take advantage of a low atticthat makes your home more comfortable, giving you extra space to relax, work or study. First of all, those who wonder how to renovate an attic are about to make a good investment because they will recover part of the expense thanks to tax incentives. There is a 50% personal income tax deduction up to a maximum of 96,000 euros of costs incurred. In addition to respecting the regulations in force to create a habitable space, it is important to focus on important aspects: the lighting of the room, the colors and the right amount of furniture, arranged in a harmonious way. Restructuring an attic: how to build a habitable attic
Building interventions to renovate an atticand obtaining an extra room require a permit from the Municipality. In fact, the outcome of the works changes the intended use of the space. Consequently, a construction contribution ranging from 150 to 350 euros per square meter must be paid. Practices and disbursements are not necessary if the facade and configuration of the house are not changed, if the layout of the walls and the systems are not changed. It must be possible to comply with the rules to obtain habitability, therefore an average minimum height of 2.7 m for spaces such as the living room and bedrooms. For municipalities located in mountainous areas, the measurement to be considered drops to 2.55 m. This derogation exists due to the particular conditions of the territory and the climate of some localities. The lighting of an attic room
There are laws that define the minimum ratio between windowed surface and walkable surface to obtain the habitability of a space. Even when the rules are respected, it is important to take some aspects into consideration to ensure a bright and pleasant room to live in. A living room, or an attic bedroom, is pleasant and well lit when there are vertical windows, as well as dormers and skylights. Concerning the artificial lighting of a room obtained from the attic, recessed spotlights are a good choice , perhaps placed along the inclined axes. Track spotlights , ceiling lights , floor and table lamps also contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere .. The colors of the attic
Deciding how to furnish a habitable attic also means choosing the colors that will characterize the environment. If the size of the room is limited, light and neutral tones should be preferred . The exposed wooden beams are matched to the white of the walls. Thus the room is brighter and gives a feeling of greater spaciousness. Dark and bold colors are good for small details of the furniture: some finishing, an ornament, a lamp, bedside tables or soft pillows for a bed or a sofa. Height yes, but not too high
In some cases, renovate an atticleads to the redesign of narrow and very large rooms in height, disproportionate to a housing unit. In fact, if the pitches of the roof have a great inclination, there is a strong imbalance between the central part of the room and the sides. This imbalance can cause oppression. A good way to remedy this is represented by the construction of a plasterboard false ceiling , where pretty recessed spotlights are placed. The characteristic beauty of the sloping roof remains, but a “cathedral effect” not suited to domestic spaces is avoided. Furniture suitable for space: the attic is not a parallelepiped
The best way to proceed when choosing how to furnish an attic and find solutions that perfectly match the shape of the room. The furnishings must develop vertically along the profile of the pitches of the roof. The shelves are excellent for enriching the dynamic effect of the sloping roof. In addition, they offer spaces for storing books, knick-knacks, useful or decorative objects. The lower parts of a habitable attic should be equipped with storage units , preferably made to measure: if all the dimensions match perfectly, not even a centimeter will be wasted. Attic room: how to furnish it and be happy
Often the ideas for a low attic, or large, are aimed at creating a room for guests, or for a baby on the way. How to furnish an attic room in a functional way
How to use all the spaces in the attic
A bedroom must be welcoming, quiet, pleasant. At the same time, it must offer enough space to store clothing and necessary everyday items. In the side part of the room, along the sloping wall, you can get a walk-in closet, built with a simple plasterboard wall. The lower section acts as a shoe rack, the higher one is suitable for hanging clothes, jackets and coats. But you could also choose to place the bed under the pitch of the roof, kissed by the natural light rays that pass through the skylight.

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