Furnishing a studio flat is a typical business of our days. In recent years, the mini apartments have in fact multiplied. More and more couples and singles live in houses ranging from 40 square meters to 20 square meters , consisting of a single room plus bathroom. They are comfortable solutions for those who work outside all day and are looking for a home that is not too expensive. Unfortunately, such small apartments are also difficult to arrange.
If you are looking for ideas on how to furnish a studio apartment , we can give you some useful advice. In this way we will help you to reconcile small spaces, practicality and comfort:

  • Furnishing a studio apartment: typical problems
  • Ideas for furnishing a studio apartment
  • Furnish a 40 sqm studio apartment
  • Furnish a 20 sqm studio apartment
  • 20sqm studio with low ceiling

Furnishing a studio apartment: the typical problems
The main problem of those who arrange such an apartment is space . The square centimeters are few and somehow you have to be able to get in: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom. The urge to put as many things as possible in a small space, however, risks creating other problems.

  • Confusion . By putting furniture in bulk in every free corner, you risk losing sight of the overall style of the house. The result is a confused and unorganized environment, which seems even smaller than it is.
  • Disorder . Furnishing a studio also means finding a place for your things. When you don’t do it properly, the different objects are left without accommodation and you throw them a bit where it happens. This is another element that contributes to making the room smaller.
  • Lack of brightness . Since the furniture does not have a previously studied arrangement, it is easy for them to hinder the diffusion of light. The lack of light makes the studio even more suffocating and claustrophobic, especially if it is very small.

All these problems are the result of a lack of space. How to avoid them Ideas for furnishing a studio apartment
There is no recipe that is suitable for all types of apartments: a lot depends on the size of the house , the height of the ceiling , the position of the windows . On the other hand, some ideas for furnishing a studio apartment apply to all situations. They are “best practices” that allow you at least to avoid the most serious mistakes.

  1. Choose light colors . It is the zero rule and does not depend on the square footage of the studio. Use white and pastel colors for both walls and furniture: they add brightness to the house and make it look bigger.
  2. Insert lots of light points . Use wide beam spotlights, chandeliers, and floor lamps to illuminate your home in a diffuse way. This point is especially important if the windows are not very large.
  3. Choose proportioned furniture . When furnishing a studio flat , many choose furniture worthy of a four-room apartment. Instead, it is better to focus on furniture a little smaller and narrower than average, so as to avoid that the room seems too crowded. For example, you prefer a French bed to the classic double bed.
  4. Make use of the space at height . If the apartment has a high ceiling, install small mezzanines: you will double or almost double the square footage. If it has an average ceiling, use wall cabinets, suspended furniture and shelves.

These are general ideas on how to furnish a studio apartment . Let’s see more specifically how to behave with different sizes. Furnishing a 40sqm studio Furnishing a 40sqm studio apartment is relatively easy: the spaces are more than enough to create a living area and a small bedroom . There is enough space for one or two people. Of course, a lot also depends on the shape of the apartment and the height of the ceiling. The main room is large and regular in shape or long and narrow
The ceilings are high or it is an attic
If you have at least 3.3 meters in height , you can make a mezzanine for the bedroom. At that point, all the rest of the room remains for a living room with a respectable kitchen. Unfortunately, today’s homes tend to have too low ceilings for such solutions. Indeed, in recent years the attics have been depopulating, impossible to loft for obvious reasons.
To furnish a 40sqm studio apartment with a normal ceiling, you need furniture that allows you to take advantage of the walls in their entirety. The kitchen must be equipped with shelves, open wall units and closed wall units, so as to obtain a lot more space without weighing down the eye too much. For the living area you need an equipped wall that includes a bookcase and other wall units.
The beauty of such a “large” studio apartment is the possibility of separating the living room and bedroom. Use a free standing bookcase that acts as a wall between the two areas. For extra space, choose a storage bed. Furnishing a 20 sq m studio flat
On the internet, tours in Japanese mini apartments of 10 or 15 sq m are popular. Although they are less common, the problem of how to furnish a 20sqm studio flat is becoming a reality in Italy too. The space available is barely enough for one person and, if misused, it leads to claustrophobic results.
Let’s start again with the best of situations: the high ceiling. Even without getting into masonry work, you can still opt for a comfortable loft bed. There are many models of different heights, some of which are also suitable for Italian average ceilings of 2.7 meters .
Depending on which one you choose, the space under the bed can be used as:

  • Sitting room . If the mezzanine is very high, you can arrange the sofa and living room furniture under it.
  • Closet . The lower models consist of a base that serves as a wardrobe with doors and drawers, above which there is the bed.

In many models, the stairs themselves are designed to save space: each step houses a drawer and a small shelf. 20sqm studio apartment with low ceiling
If you need to furnish a 20sqm studio apartment with low ceiling, maybe even attic
In this case you have three possible solutions for the “sleeping area”.

  • Sofa bed . Today’s models are much more comfortable than those of the past.
  • Foldaway bed . In the morning you raise it vertically and it becomes similar to a built-in wardrobe.
  • Futon . This is the traditional Japanese mattress. In the evening you place it on a woven carpet called a tatami and in the morning you roll it up and put it away. The tatami becomes the equivalent of a small living area or a corner for meditation.

When the ceiling height does not allow you to use many wall units and mezzanines, every space becomes precious. In these cases it uses the wall around the doors , which usually remains unused. On the market you can find mini bookcases just 20 cm wide, ideal to be mounted next to the jambs. The space above the toilet can also accommodate cabinets and shelves with shower gel, soaps and other bathroom items.
Just remember to:

  • keep a style as uniform as possible;
  • always use light colors;
  • do not cover light sources;
  • mount mirrors whenever possible, to give the impression of a much larger space.

These are our ideas for furnishing a studio apartment . You just have to put them into practice and customize them according to your style!

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