Furnishing an open space is a challenge and, at the same time, a great opportunity. You have a large space to manage as you like and to divide as you like. With no walls between you and your big projects, you can get a bright and light home. In fact, light is free to pass from one area to another, reflecting itself on mirrors and transparent surfaces that are artfully positioned. But there is a problem: how to furnish an open space , in fact
Without a clear plan, you always risk filling the single room in bulk . You lose space instead of gaining it, you live with an environment that is always in disorder and you have to deal with the lack of privacy. So let’s see together how to exploit the many potentialities of open spacewith some little tricks:

  • How to furnish an open plan kitchen and living room
  • How to furnish a small open space
  • Loft: how to furnish a large open space
  • How to furnish an open space attic
  • What colors to use for an open space

How to furnish open space kitchen and living room
Let’s start from the most common situation: having to furnish open space kitchen and living room . For some years now, we have in fact been witnessing an explosion of apartments of this type. As the houses get smaller and smaller, the corridors disappear in favor of a direct entrance into the living room. The separate kitchen is also turning into a memory, becoming a corner within the living area . Furnish an open plan kitchen-living roomhas pros and cons. For many people it is better to have a kitchenette in a large living room rather than a long narrow kitchenette. Others are bothered by the typical smells of the kitchen and the proximity to the pantry. The brands specializing in kitchen furniture are developing solutions for both categories of people.

  1. Combined kitchen and living area . There is no clear separation between the part of the room where you cook and the living room. If there is enough space, the kitchen extends towards the living room with a peninsula and a snack table . In some cases, we find corner kitchens that develop into bookcases, so as to enrich the living room furniture.
  2. Hidden kitchen . You don’t really like having to furnish an open-plan kitchen and living room , but you are forced to adapt. In this case, you can buy a kitchen equipped with a retractable panel . Once you’re done cooking, close the panel and hide everyone.

How to furnish a small open space Furnishing a small open space has many of the typical problems of furnishing a studio flat . You have to take advantage of all the space you have available up to the last centimeter. In some cases, the furniture placed in bulk obstructs the light and creates a gloomy environment.
To optimize space in a small open space , choose a linear or corner kitchen. As beautiful as they are, kitchens with an island or peninsula are especially good in large rooms. If you don’t want to have an open kitchen, use a divider panel as recommended above.
Inside the living area, take advantage of every centimeter thanks to sofas and poufs with containers. You can keep stationery or board games there for when friends come. Also, choose an equipped wall full of various types of wall units. Those with a door will help you put away all the little things that you wouldn’t know where to put otherwise. And what about the sleeping area.
If you are lucky enough to furnish a small but high open space , move vertically with a mezzanine . Otherwise, choose a sofa bed or rollaway bed. Today’s sofa beds are much more comfortable than they used to be, so you don’t have to be afraid of your back anymore. But if you don’t trust it, the foldaway beds remain : they look like simple wardrobes, but inside they hide a bed to be lowered and raised as desired.Loft: how to furnish a large open space
Having to furnish a large open space is a somewhat rarer situation. As mentioned above, modern apartments tend to shrink rather than expand. Nonetheless, you may have a disused commercial space in your hands and made habitable. In such a case, why not turn it into an elegant loft
Being largely former industrial warehouses , the lofts have large windows and high ceilings . This allows you to install mezzanines of different sizes, in order to cut out a minimum of privacy. In addition, mezzanines help you to further expand the spaces, in some cases to double them.
In these cases, the most popular solution is a huge living room with kitchenette. Since there is space, you can separate the space dedicated to the kitchen and that for the living area. Just mount a freestanding bookcase , which you don’t have to lean against a wall. Otherwise, you can mark the boundaries of the kitchen with a practical island.
For the bedroom, the most practical solution is a mezzanine with a ladder . But if you don’t want to throw yourself into masonry work, you can also opt for a loft bed . You still get a minimum of privacy, even if less than what you would have with the mezzanine. You can use the bottom of the bed as a wardrobe or set up a small DIY office in it. How to furnish an open space attic
Of all the challenges seen so far, furnishing an open space attic is the most difficult. In most cases, you have all the problems of a small space and all the problems of a low ceiling. You cannot make good use of the walls, because they are too low to mount a storage wall. You have to be careful not to block the light, which is often scarce due to too small windows.
The best way to furnish an open space attic largely depends on the attic. In some cases, the ceiling is still high enough to adopt the typical solutions of a small open space. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with the typical attic with almost unusable walls, you have to work a bit of imagination.

  • Use cupboards, cabinets, and trunks . Even if you can’t assemble a bookcase, you can still use the walls to assemble small furniture.
  • Choose a kitchen with an island if you have enough space. You may not be able to mount cabinets above the kitchen, so take advantage of the drawers and doors mounted on the island.
  • Converted to the Japanese style . When the ceiling is very low, sofas and beds of normal height accentuate the lack of space. Use futons, which you can slam and put away in the morning. Use low tables to combine with colorful cushions or bean bags. In short, make virtue of necessity.

Which colors to use for an open space
In most cases, we have to furnish small and almost claustrophobic open spaces. We therefore renew the advice given in the article on how to furnish a studio flat.

  • Prefer light and natural colors . Get inspired by the Scandinavian style, based on light woods and shades of white.
  • Insert mirrors where possible. They make the room seem larger and reflect light, helping you to make the room brighter.
  • Always keep the same style, without excessive gaps between the living area and the kitchen. In this way you get a neater and more organic final result.
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