Today, for various needs, many live in houses with small spaces and often one wonders how to furnish the rooms making the most of them, such as a small living room, one of the most lived-in rooms in the house. Most of the techniques used to furnish a small living room are based on the strategy of fooling the eye, and many of these strategies, if well applied, can transform a cramped and claustrophobic place into a welcoming and elegant room. The first thing to do is to maximize the brightness through the use of certain colors, but you also need to experiment, because traditional ideas don’t always adapt to a small space. So, for example, instead of using traditional curtains we can think of opting for roller blinds,Useful solutions to enlarge a small living room
The solutions to be adopted to expand a small space are really many, easy to apply even if you have a small budget available. Here are some suggestions for obtaining a relaxing, welcoming and at the same time functional living area.

  • Decorating a small living room using mirrors: A good technique for expanding its dimensions is to position the mirrors in a strategic way. One of the most popular solutions is to hang a large mirror centrally to create a focal point. The room will be twice the size. Another very effective method is to place the mirror in front of a light source, a window or a lamp, in this way the brightness will double.
  • Shift the attention of the gaze upwards: Each room develops both vertically and horizontally. If our living room is lucky enough to have high ceilings, we must try to shift our attention upwards, perhaps by adding some decoration to the ceiling.

To also create a continuity effect, we try to hang pictures
vertically. By doing so we will guide our gaze right upwards, shifting the attention from the horizontal space, like the wooden paintings depicting Laser Art Style flower pots for sale online on Verdelilla Home .

  • Opt for neutral colors: One of the queen solutions to make a room seem larger is to always use neutral colors for the walls and ceiling. But also the furnishing accessories and the fabrics must have delicate and relaxing colors in harmony with the rest of the house. The shades of white and beige, for example, widen the spaces and reflect the light more. Furthermore, neutral colors are the colors of relaxation par excellence, and create an effect of elegance that cannot be compared to any other color.
  • Choose less bulky furniture: Even the choice of furniture has an important “weight” when we have to furnish a small living room. The most important thing to do is to buy accessories with small dimensions and soft colors, preferably with legs and not resting directly on the floor in order to take advantage of the vertical space and not the horizontal one. If we have furniture with doors, it is better to have glass doors, this is to avoid obstructing the view as would happen with wooden doors.

These are just a few small tips, which if used with care will allow us to transform a small living room into a warm and welcoming room.

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