Furnishing a small bedroom in an intelligent way is almost never a problem, thanks to numerous space-saving solutions that can be used, solutions which, it should be pointed out, are also very economical most of the time. In fact, it is not always necessary to use expensive tailor-made solutions, but in many cases it is possible to resort to furniture and storage compartments that are ready and adaptable to use.
So let’s see a short list of space-saving solutions and practical ideas for furnishing a small bedroom , whether single or double.
– First of all as regards the general mood of the room, it is good to know that the modern style is always very suitable for furnishing a small bedroom. This style, in fact, has essential lines and minimal shapes and volumes that are well suited to confined spaces.
– It is possible to use rollaway beds in the bedroom, so as to move them if necessary to save considerable space. A softer solution is that the bed has wheels so that it can be placed next to the wall or in a corner of the room during the day when not in use. Thus, the bed can also be transformed into a sofa using comfortable cushions and footrest poufs. Alternatively, the vertical drop-down bed – which disappears completely – is a very popular and practical solution.
– The use of boiserie and bedside tables on the wall, rather than on the floor, allows to lighten the final composition a lot. To obtain, then, useful space for storing books or linen – having to do without the drawers inside the bedside tables – you can take advantage of the space created inside the bed, choosing a container bed with comfortable and large drawers to store everything. you need at your fingertips.
– Opting for a corner wardrobe in the bedroom allows you to save further space: it is an ideal solution because the wardrobe is freely modular and modular according to needs and space. You can choose a practical wardrobe with one, two or more doors, having the foresight to opt for sliding doors so as to be able to recover more space.
– If the room has high ceilings it is possible to think of a raised solution for the bed so as to be able to make full use of the space below for storing clothes and bed linen. This is a type of furniture often used in children’s bedrooms where bridge solutions are chosen that take up as little space as possible.
– As for lighting, then, it is possible to focus entirely on LED lighting, cheap and efficient, to replace all or part of floor lamps or ceiling chandeliers which, although they do not take up useful space, can be very bulky .
– The light colors and the mirrors help to enlarge the available space. Mirrors are generally placed on the cabinet doors.
– If there are wooden steps in the house, they can be used to store bulky and bulky items or clothing inside. However, it is a slightly more expensive solution and it requires the support of the carpenter to be able to be realized in the best possible way.

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