We all want to live in space. We want to feel in a comfortable environment that meets our needs. Thus it becomes important to understand how to furnish a small bedroom so that it is welcoming and functional, despite its small size. The room must instill a feeling of harmony that favors rest. At the same time, it must ensure sufficient space to hold clothes, shoes and often also various types of objects, such as sheets, duvets, suitcases, bags, backpacks. Therefore, in the article we indicate possibilities and suggestions for furnishing a small double bedroom. Small double room: a feature of the new apartments
A large part of the population lives in cities and large centers where commercial activities are thriving. It is a fact of the modern era and contemporaneity. Thus the spaces of the housing units have shrunk. It was mainly the rooms where one sleeps and dresses before starting the day at the expense. Modern-day apartments are characterized by small bedrooms, even those designed to accommodate a double bed. To furnish them in a functional and pleasant way, therefore, you need to know which “space-saving” products are on the market and pay attention to the details that make up the atmosphere. Small bedroom: all the details that make the difference
If you are wondering how to furnish a bedroomstingy of space, the starting point and consider different aspects that make up the whole room. A small or large double bedroom is not just furniture and measures. There are, in fact, many details that contribute to creating the atmosphere and making it comfortable or uncomfortable. Thus, the choice of wardrobes, wall units and chest of drawers is essential to ensure that the space is well equipped, without “crowding of things”. But also preferring certain colors to others can improve the livability of a small bedroom. Likewise, the presence of some accessories can transform it into a perfect refuge, an intimate enchanted world for beautiful moments of tranquility.implies that the choice of shades suitable for the environment is narrowed a bit. In fact, bright, dark and charged colors tend to fill the space, to make it smaller visually. If the size of the room is modest, it is necessary to discard the most daring and decisive shades, preferring neutral and light colors. White is always an excellent choice, especially for the walls, which thus become brighter and give a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. Other chromatic possibilities for a small double room are the light sand color, the light powder, the cream shades, the ocher, and if you really want to dare, a light blue or a slightly veiled yellow. How to add space to a small bedroom
In addition to painting the walls in a light shade and choosing furniture in neutral colors, how to make a small double bedroom optically larger
There is an almost magical object that performs a sort of spell, multiplies spaces, objects and figures: it is mirror . Whether you decide to orient it vertically or horizontally, a mirror brightens the view with a beneficial illusion of depth and extension. In addition, having a mirror in the bedroom is useful: just look at the beautiful reflective surface and we know if the combination of clothes works or not. Which bed to prefer for a small double bedroom
The bed is the king of the room, whether it is small or immense, double, or intended for babies and girls. In fact, made up of structure and mattress, the bed influences the quality of sleep. If we ask ourselves how to furnish a small bedroom , in addition to the quality of the two elements that make it up, we must also evaluate the dimensions and any integrated accessories. A standard double bed 160 cm wide. To save some space, you can choose a French double bed that measures only 140 cm in width. The container
bed Some useful elements can be integrated into the bed structure to equip a small room. Under the bed base, many models offer a large storage compartment, perfect for onesmall double room where however you need to store many things. The classic version with a structure that opens at 45 degrees is on the market. And there is the version with easy piston opening, in which the slatted base and mattress are raised while remaining parallel to the floor. For storing objects, sheets and blankets, the beds with drawers are also comfortable. Finally, some beds have shelves along the perimeter where you can place books, for example. Beds and wardrobes “upside down”
When the idea of ​​the container bed grows and rises like a dough, “upside down” beds and wardrobes take shape. Yes, because it happens that large compartments to hold clothes, trousers, skirts, shirts and T-shirts can find a place right under the bed. In this case, the slatted base and mattress are located 110 – 120 cm above the floor. To get there comfortably, there are one or two side ladders, in which drawers are obtained. The structure can be opened manually to access the shelves and clothes rails. Wardrobes suitable for a small double room
Among the ideas for a small bedroom you cannot miss the classic built-in wardrobe with sliding doors. It is a solution suitable for narrow spaces, where the passage measures less than the 60 cm required to open a door. If the small double bedroom to be furnished has one or more niches, it is possible to equip them with shelves or with a real walk-in closet . Finally, the corner wardrobes allow you to take full advantage of two walls of the room. At their intersection, the furniture module will be deeper, perfect for storing bulky jackets or possibly even suitcases and bulky objects. Small bridge double bedroom: the classic with an original touch
Design and build a small bridge double bedroomand a classic way of coping with lack of space. But how to interpret this much requested and appreciated solution with originality
The contrast between full and empty spaces is a good idea: the wardrobe that frames the bed can be characterized by doors and open wall units that also act as a bedside table. The juxtaposition of different clear and bright chromatic tones is another expedient that gives a creative and harmonious touch to the whole. Small bedroom ideas: accessories that give style
Thinking of many ideas for a small bedroom does not mean giving up small accessories that give atmosphere. If for the large surfaces that enclose the space of a tiny double bedroom it is good to choose soft neutral colors, on the small objects that complete the whole there is the opportunity to dare: a lively chromatic flicker of the two cushions that decorate the duvet, the shimmering enamel of a bedside lamp , a picture hanging over the head of the bed, a vase or a puppet on a shelf. These are all details that make the environment personal, give style to the room, a style that is ours.

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