The bathroom is the most used room in the house, frequented by all members of the family, as well as by guests and for this reason it must be spacious and cared for down to the smallest detail. The modern style bathrooms give a feeling of cleanliness, order and are very elegant from an aesthetic point of view. This style of furniture is in fact composed of elements with geometric shapes, with a clean and linear design and smooth surfaces, which, if well combined, can give the bathroom a refined and relaxing appearance, reminiscent of that of a spa.
How to furnish a modern bathroom
The sophisticated look of modern style bathrooms is due to a combination of elements in neutral colors and shiny materials, as well as design and contemporary components. But let’s see how to furnish a modern bathroom by following some simple tips. Modern bathroom furniture: choosing the right furniture and bathroom fixtures
When you think of a modern bathroom , a clean, spacious, airy and bright space immediately comes to mind. For this reason, when it comes to how to furnish a modern bathroom, one cannot help but mention the suspended sanitary ware, components with a contemporary design, which take up little space and therefore make any room spacious. These will be chosen in neutral shades and must have a simple design.
As for the shower, the box must be made of glass with steel profiles, preferably transparent, while the bathtub must have clean and simple shapes. As for the floors and walls, it is advisable to opt for a monochromatic solution, in stone, ceramic or wood.
Furthermore, when you think about how to furnish a modern bathroom, you cannot help but consider the choice of taps. This must in fact respect the mood of the room and therefore have linear and simple shapes. The best material for modern bathroom taps is steel , which can be glossy or matte.
To give a further touch of modernity to the environment, it might be a good idea to include hi-tech accessories in the bathroom, such as chromotherapy appliances or choose taps with built-in thermometers for adjusting hot water. Why choose suspended sanitary ware
There are different types of sanitary ware, but, when it comes to how to furnish a modern bathroom , the most suitable solution is certainly the suspended ones, able to give a sophisticated look to any bathroom.
The suspended sanitary ware are distinguished from the traditional ones in that they do not rest on the ground, but are fixed to the wall with the aid of special plugs. These elements are very elegant, as they do not require the presence of uncovered pipes, as these pass inside the wall. Thanks to these characteristics, they give the bathroom the simple, spacious and bright appearance typical of modern furnishings, thanks also to the reduction in the use of silicone, which is not very pleasant from an aesthetic point of view.
The bathrooms with suspended sanitary ware are also easier and faster to clean and therefore are also an advantage in terms of bathroom hygiene. Since they rest on the ground and the pipes are placed inside the wall, they are quieter.
If you need to furnish a bathroom in Vicenza, you can count on the professionalism of specialized firms that deal with bathroom furnishings, including modern ones, from tiles to complete furnishings

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