To meet your curiosity about how to furnish a house in the mountains, we want to give you some useful tips to make your rooms perfect for a period of total relaxation.
Those who take refuge in a chalet in the mountains generally do so to dampen the rhythms of daily life and the city, so a house in the mountains must be furnished in such a way as to be as pleasant and hospitable as possible.
The atmosphere must be warm and enveloping and must be able to immerse yourself completely in the natural mountain landscapes. To obtain this result it is necessary that all the elements of the furniture are in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.
The fulcrum around which all the furnishings of a home revolvein the mountains it is certainly the fireplace, which cannot be missing in the living room or in the kitchen, around it the arrangement of all the furniture is concentrated.
The fireplace can be positioned either in the center of the room or placed along a wall, what is to be kept in mind and which must always be proportionate in size to the rest of the environment. Ideas for rustic mountain style houses Fir
wood is the most used material to furnish a house in the mountains and is famous for its classic resin scent and its particularly light color.
As for the choice of wall colors, colors that recall natural elements are generally used.
Most of the time the walls are covered with wood so it is very likely that no coloring will be applied, however there may be a need to color the walls to give a more relaxing and comfortable look perhaps with a nice green.
To enrich the walls, on the other hand, it is possible to insert lighting accessories, objects of the local tradition, photographs of the most evocative landscapes, paintings with mountain subjects and antique prints. Furnishing the living room mountain house
In the living room it is essential that the furniture is made with the traditional mountain style.
The sofas and chairsthey must be comfortable and the table to be placed in the center of the room must be strictly in antique wood and can be combined with a nice carpet.
Often it is useful to complete the furniture with wicker or wooden baskets to collect magazines, soft pillows and blankets to use on colder evenings.
To furnish the living rooms it is important to keep the original architectural elements, such as the stone walls and exposed beams, useful for making the environment elegant as well as rustic. Kitchen furniture
In the kitchen , curtains, tablecloths, chair covers and all decorative fabrics must have the classic diamond pattern, typical of the Scottish and Tyrolean style, which are certainly the most popular.
The furniture in the kitchen of a chalet , for example tables, chairs, sideboards and benches , can be made of antique elm, with its typical light and unpainted color, with wrought iron details that give a totally rustic style. Furnishing bedrooms
The bedrooms, on the other hand, must have very large beds decorated with lots of pillows to make the environment as welcoming and warm as possible.
In addition, the wooden furniture must always be present and must be the master both for the furniture, both for the floor and the ceiling.
Every house in the mountainshowever it is unique and must be furnished in a singular way, in fact there are infinite possibilities to combine the furnishing elements, but the trick to give a pinch of originality is very simple: to be inspired by the emotions that the context and the landscape offer.
Bernardi Luigi e figli (Mober) is an artisan wood company based in Rosa in the province of Vicenza, specialized in the production of antique, rustic alpine and contemporary style furniture.
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