In the design of the spaces of the house , whether it is a new purchase or a property to be restored and modernized, anyone who has children or is thinking of having them must pay particular attention to how to furnish the children ‘s room .
In fact, it is not enough to take care only of the appearance of the colors , which are in any case preferable to always be delicate with pastel shades but in line with their lightheartedness: the chromatic choices are certainly an integral part of a bedroom and choose beautiful compositions from the catalog and a moment exciting for all parents, but it is not enough to be carried away by enthusiasm and aesthetics! The safety of the children’s room Safety aspects
must be taken into consideration first , and then those of the best functionality , especially when there is a need to optimize space.
We will see together in a rational and schematic way how to compose a customized setting by analyzing these characteristics and calibrating them to the needs of the little ones but also those of the slightly older children. The safety of the furnishings
That of the safety of the children’s roomit is a thorny issue and should never be underestimated, especially for the little ones. The utmost attention must be paid to the absence of dangerous sharp edges , which can be rendered harmless and harmless by the appropriate protections and covers available on the market , but this is only a first step.
In fact, it is always recommended to firmly fix furniture or shelves to the wall to avoid dangerous overturning, and finally there is an aspect that is sometimes underestimated, that of the quality of the support hardware for doors and drawers : the ideal is to orient oneself on compositions that, favoring sturdiness, they are fitted with slow closing safety systems .The safety of the materials
Let’s move on to another indispensable factor so that parents can sleep peacefully, that linked to the materials used in the construction of the furniture and to the treatments to which each element was subjected. Often the true quality is the “not visible” one, perhaps because it is hidden by the cladding panels that can hide a wood of lesser or greater value.
In this regard, our in-depth study on the advantages and disadvantages of wooden furnishings is certainly interesting , which includes some clarifications on the properties of this material .
Aesthetics must not deceive, therefore it is better to thoroughly investigate the composition before proceeding with the purchase. Even if wood is by nature a non-toxic material , it can be worked with glues or resins and be subjected to treatments such as woodworm treatments that increase its duration. All this, combined with the panels or paints with which the panels are covered, can affect the health of the environment . Just think of the formaldehyde emissions , generally classified under the heading of volatile organic compounds VOC , which must preferably be close to zero to certify aproduct according to law and quality . Precisely on this topic, the website of the Ministry of Health has prepared a summary document that lists the measures to reduce exposure.
A similar argument applies to paints , for which our dispassionate advice is to always look for water-based paints and varnishes : an advice that applies above all to painting the walls. Sturdiness equals safety
It goes without saying that a piece of furniture for the children’s bedroom , subjected as right to strong stresses, it must also be very robust. Study the different modules carefully, also consulting the technical data sheets to understand if they will be able to resist their liveliness. Attention also to bunk beds and mezzanines , which we will deal with in a subsequent paragraph to better define the functionality of the furnishings . Although these solutions are really useful, they need appropriate protective and safety barriers , thinking first of all about the safety of children. The functionality of the children’s bedroom
In the children’s bedroom it is also possible to find an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality . This becomes an obligation in case iThere are few square meters available and precise choices must be made by focusing on more functional and space-saving furnishings . Privileging functions over aesthetics
A separate chapter must be dedicated to functionality: the bedroom is by its nature a multifunctional environment in which children sleep, study, play . It is the space where they will grow up and, like the school, they will also learn to deal with their responsibilities and their tasks . In addition, unlike the furnishings designed for other rooms in the house, the bedroom is almost never a completed project becausemust grow and evolve around your children with the change of age through possible additions . If a play area and a space to store them
are sufficient for the little ones , when they reach school age they will need a study area with a desk and much more, and when they approach adolescence they will look for more spaces for relaxation but also for privacy as well as more capacious wardrobes .
The most successful companies in the sector offer furniture suitable to change with them and to undergo adaptations with prepared modules, without forgetting that the arrival of a little brother or sister in the family could further confuse things. Space-saving solutions
If this phantom bedroom is a room of a few square meters, don’t lose heart because space-saving solutions come to your rescue.
The most basic that we recommend is the container bed , because it allows you to take advantage of every centimeter of space under the mattress to store bulky but non-everyday objects: just think of winter blankets or other clothes for the change of season.
More advanced in their concept are the bridge bedrooms, very popular because they ensure excellent design feedback by integrating the bed into the same wall that houses the wardrobe and leaving the rest of the room free. If there is no need for a second bed, large and capacious drawers always come in handy under the main one .
An alternative that makes virtue of necessity and distorts the physiognomy of the bedroom by developing it vertically and the bedroom in the loft . At the bottom there is the study area with desk and everything you need for studying, while the bed is positioned immediately above , reachable via a practical and safe step staircase.(among other things, each of them can be transformed into a container , thus recovering other living space).
For children this solution is always a source of curiosity and very intriguing because it gives them even more the sense of a comfortable and welcoming nest in which to take refuge by climbing the ladder, while the rest of the environment remains clear for all its play activities .

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