To have a complete personal horoscope, it is not enough, as many think, to know your zodiac sign. If the constellation that accompanied our birth says a lot about our personality, there are still other factors that outline, according to astrology, all the facets of our character. Surely speaking of zodiac signs someone will have asked you “what is your ascendant
“. Well, according to experts, the latter plays a key role in defining your “I”. Are you wondering what exactly the zodiacal ascendant is and how to calculate
it.We explain it to you in our guide. What is the zodiacal ascendant
Wanting to give a technical definition of what it isan ascendant , we can say that it is the point of the zodiac that intersects the terrestrial horizon to the east at the moment of an individual’s birth. In simpler words, it is nothing but the zodiac sign that rises on the horizon at the exact moment of a birth. For example, if a person is born exactly at sunrise, with the Sun on that day in the sign of Gemini, he will also have the ascendant in Gemini, since this is the sign that was visible on the horizon at that time. The ascendant therefore indicates “the dawn” of a newcomer and, since it is closely related to the exact time of the event, it changes from hour to hour. For this reason, two people who belong to the same zodiac sign and who may have been born on the same day, but at different times, could have a very different character. The responsibility, as you can easily imagine, is all (or almost) of the ascendant! How the ascendant influences the personality
In astrology it is customary to divide the circle of the Zodiac into 12 parts, called “Zodiacal Houses”. The ascendant corresponds to the first house, or rather the first impression we give of ourselves to others and the starting point for our path of growth in awareness . It is the sign that more than others influences appearance and way of being, influences the way in which other people see us on the surface and the eyes with which we relate to the world. Together with the Sun (the ego) and the Moon (our deepest being), the ascendant is one of the fundamental building blocks of an individual’s personality.
This sign can both enhance and hide the particularities of the zodiac sign based on its compatibility with the element (air, water, earth or fire) and with the quality (fixed, cardinal or mobile) of the same. It can also happen that the Sign of the Ascendant corresponds with your Zodiac Sign and in this case it will strengthen its characteristics. Having the ascendant in a certain sign means highlighting certain characteristics. For example, the ascendant in Aries greatly affects motivation, while that in Taurus also allows you to have good self-control. If you have a Gemini ascendant you will surely have a pleasant, more reserved and closed character in Cancer . How the ascendant is calculated
In order to calculate the zodiacal ascendant you need to know:

  • date of birth
  • time of birth
  • birth place
  • sidereal hour, or the time it takes the Earth to make one complete revolution, with respect to the stars.

On the web there are many tables that you can consult for free. Just cross the month and day of birth in the table to identify it. The sidereal time must be added to the time of birth , but some rules must be taken into consideration:

  • If the result is greater than 24 you have to subtract 24;
  • If daylight saving time was in effect at the time of birth, it is necessary to subtract one hour;
  • Those born in the northern part of Italy must subtract 20 minutes (indicatively for those born in the territories ranging from the Alps to Florence and Bologna);
  • Those born in central Italy, on the other hand, have to subtract 10 minutes.

If you don’t fit into any of these categories, you won’t need to do any additional steps. Once you have obtained the result you were looking for, you can use one of the numerous tables that indicate the exact ascendant: in fact, each number corresponds to a zodiac sign, which indicates your zodiacal ascendant. If you are not particularly good at addition and subtraction, you can connect to one of the many specialized online portals, enter the date, time and place of birth, and wait for the algorithm to calculate the zodiacal ascendant for you in a few minutes.

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