Just cook something slightly tastier… and the house immediately takes on the smell. Whether it’s fried food, boiled broccoli or cabbage, or food that has expired in the fridge, lingering smells seem like very difficult enemies to fight. In reality, three simple ingredients that we all have at home are enough to win the battle : white vinegar, lemon, apples. Nothing expensive or complicated to find, but effectiveness is beyond doubt. How to use them How to eliminate bad smells with white vinegar
In case of bad smells in the house coming from the kitchen, from used shoes, from waste in the bag or from mold in damp furniture, the effective and natural solution is one: a combination of water and white vinegarto be sprayed in the air (or directly in the point from which the smell comes) to effectively fight everything that makes you turn up your nose. Just boil tap water with a few drops of vinegar and let the steam do its magic in the room for a few minutes, or pour the mix into a spray bottle to spread it around the house. An ideal solution to sanitize, as well as perfume. White vinegar is also excellent for neutralizing bad smells coming from sink drains : it is enough to run heated vinegar with coarse salt. After an hour we pour a saucepan of boiling water and that’s it. Salt and vinegar, together, are very powerful in dissolving dirt while scenting. How to get rid of bad smells with lemon
Lemon is also a wonderful friend for cleaning up bad smells . To eliminate those persistent in the kitchen, but also in all the other rooms, it is possible to boil some water with a little lemon juice , then let the steam produced cover and fight bad odors. It is also possible to clean the surfaces with water and lemon juice, a very effective degreaser to remove what is dirty and smelly, especially when combined with baking soda. To prevent bad smells associated with cooking vegetables – and we are talking about cabbage, cauliflower and so on, we can squeeze lemon juice on large slices of bread with a lot of crumb, to place on the lid to better absorb the odors. Therelemon peel added to your fried food works yet another miracle: it reduces the stench by releasing essential oils. How to get rid of bad smells with apples It may
sound strange, but apples are a natural remedy for bad smellsduring the most intense cooking. They are in fact recommended to absorb the smell of fried food: we just have to wash the apple well, peel it and carefully remove the seeds, cut it into wedges and add them directly to the pan in which we are frying. When the apple slices appear dark and browned, we can replace them by adding new slices. As the apple absorbs odors, allowing us to keep the air less heavy in the kitchen. It seems that this apple trick is also used with cauliflower and broccoli, notoriously enemies of perfume at home: the slices of an unripe apple placed in the cooking water help absorb the well-known strong smell.

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