When looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve look, we have taken into account all kinds of aspects, from this year’s trends to the type of makeup we are going to bet on. Although the really important thing when it comes to finding the best New Year’s Eve look is to take into account the signs of the zodiac and thus, in addition, to be betting on calling for good luck. Especially if you are one of those who has already consulted the horoscope for 2022 a million times and you are going to resort to all kinds of New Year’s Eve rituals with which to attract good luck.
The fact is that depending on your zodiac sign, you should dress in one way or another on New Year’s Eve to mark the best look and, above all, show off your personality through your clothes. Because the passionate character of Aries is not the same as the daring of Gemini or the striking of Libra .
As each zodiac sign has its own way of being and its personality , it is expected that each of them will have their own look for New Year’s Eve. Based on the characteristics of each zodiac sign and taking into account which are the most marked trends of this season, we have prepared a practical guide to know how you have to dress for New Year’s Eve according to your zodiac sign .

New Year’s Eve look for Aries
Aires’ looks are usually quite caneros, something that goes perfectly with her personality. Those born under this sign like to make noise wherever they go, that’s why heels are one of the essentials for Christmas parties. As New Year’s Eve seems like the most special night of the year, if you’re Aries, go for that tight dress you have in the closet and put on the highest heels you have in the shoe rack. Enter 2022 by clicking your footsteps, Aries.

New Year’s Eve look for Taurus

Geminis, you are the functionality in your outfits, but New Year’s Eve is not made for so much sobriety and neutral colors. Bet on trends that you would not wear in your normal day: sequins, velvet, feathers… (All very trendy this Christmas, by the way). You will be the sensation of the New Year’s Eve party because nobody will expect to see you like this.

New Year’s Eve Look for Geminis

Geminis, your cheerful personality is one of your best gifts, so you should reflect it with your New Year’s Eve look. If you already attract attention for your cheerful personality, what better than a sequined look for New Year’s Eve that reflects your personality and way of being.

New Year’s Eve look for Cancer

Cancer, you are elegance personified and that should be noted in your New Year’s Eve look. Your style and glamor are worthy of the red carpet, so nothing better than going for a cocktail dress in pastel tonesand that the accessories are the ones that stand out. Remember that your hairstyle and makeup must live up to that elegance.

New Year’s Eve Look for Leo

If there is a color that defines Christmas, that is red, and if there is a tone that best suits Leo’s personality, it is, without a doubt, red. Passionate and strong, Leo’s personality is well worth a bet on a red dress and, to complete it, combine it with gold or green accessories.

New Year’s Eve Look for Virgo

Virgo, the New Year’s Eve look bet you should make is to give special prominence to accessories. Play with a basic wardrobe basic dress and mark the New Year’s Eve look with some good accessories, shoes, makeup, hairstyle and even manicure.

New Year’s Eve look for Libra

Who has a Libra friend knows that madness and fun are more than guaranteed and that is something that should be reflected in the New Year’s look of those born under this sign. Libra, if you want your style to be a reflection of who you are, opt for a dress with bright, garish and daring colours . You can also bet on a silver dress and stand out fleeing from the classic gold and red.

New Year’s Eve look for Scorpio
The Scorpio personality can sometimes be somewhat dark, although those born under this sign live in a constant internal struggle to keep their bright side afloat. The best way to express this duality is to go for a total black New Year’s Eve look and add a touch of color with a garment or accessory. A two-piece black suit and red heels can be a very good New Year’s Eve look option for Scorpio.

New Year’s Eve Look for Sagittarius

The New Year’s Eve look for a Sagittarius woman should be colored. Women born under this sign tend to opt for highly studied styling and never leave anything to chance. Therefore, the best New Year’s Eve look for a Sagittarius is for something very daring. Someblack skinny pants with a blouse with super puffed sleeves, feathers and sequins , that’s the perfect New Year’s Eve look for Sagittarius.

New Year’s Eve Dress for Capricorn

Capricorn has discovered comfy fashion and no one can take it from there, but the New Year’s Eve look should be a little more elaborate. Nothing like pleated pants and a white blouse for a super comfortable and elegant New Year’s Eve look . Of course, give a festive touch to the New Year’s Eve look with accessories.

New Year’s Eve Look for Aquarius

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to get all the satiny and fluffy blouses out of the closet. The best way to bet on them in a New Year’s Eve look for an Aquarius is by combining it with wide-leg pants with a very high waist and a belt with a maxi buckle.

New Year’s Eve Dress for Pisces

Perhaps Pisces is the zodiac sign that most enjoys New Year’s Eve because for those born under this sign it is the most special and magical night of the year. For this reason, Pisces should take the most ladylike dress they have out of the closet and welcome the year with a princess-style New Year’s Eve look .

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