Since July 1, 2021, the date on which the covid passport came into force, its application to travel or access entertainment venues or medical centers has become increasingly common. Andalusia has just extended its use to access the hotel industry and nightlife until at least January 15, 2022.
Each certificate certifies that its bearer has been vaccinated, has taken a test whose result has been negative or has recovered the illness. They can be stored on a mobile device or used in their paper version and the QR code ensures that the certificate is authentic.
The covid certificate, which began to allow free circulation throughout the European territory in maximum health security conditions, extends its use in Andalusia and is already required to access health and social health centers, hotels and nightlife.
Thousands of Andalusians have already downloaded the vaccination certificate after the Andalusian Health Service made it available to all those who have been vaccinated against covid-19 with its complete schedule, a test has been carried out whose result has been negative or have recovered from Covid after passing the disease.

What is the covid passport
The covid passport or digital covid certificate of the European Union is the document that accredits one of these three assumptions related to the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2:
Vaccination Certificate: serves as proof that a person has been vaccinated with the complete guideline against covid-19.
Diagnostic Test Certificate: It certifies that a negative result of a diagnostic test has been received, be it a PCR or an antigen test.
Recovery Certificate: serves as proof that the disease has been overcome.

Validity of the vaccination passport
Depending on each of the three cases presented (complete vaccination, negative diagnostic test or recovery) they have a different validity. In the case of complete vaccination, it is valid for 1 year. For diagnostic tests, the validity ranges from 72 hours for a PCR test to 48 hours in the case of the antigen test. The validity of the recovery certificate is from 11 to 180 days after a positive PCR.

How to download the covid passport in Andalusia

The covid certificate is free and is obtained in a simple way, with the possibility of being stored on a mobile device in PDF format or used in its paper version. It has a QR codeto ensure that the certificate is authentic. It is possible to obtain the covid passport on the ClicSalud+ website, the ‘Salud Andalucia’ App or pick up the certificate at the health center.

Through the ClicSalud+ website : It is necessary to identify yourself in ClicSalud+ with a digital certificate, DNIe or Cl@ve. with digital certificate, DNIe or Cl@ve. The certificate is available in the ‘Health’ section, section ‘COVID-19 Certificates’. As explained by the Ministry of Health, once in this section, correctly identified people will be able to access the certificate that corresponds to them, as well as that of their Social Security beneficiaries under 16 years of age.

Through the Salud Andalucia APP : Available on Android and iOS.
The ‘COVID-19 Certificates’ section will appear highlighted on the home screen of the application, which we must access to start the process of obtaining it.
The ‘Salud Andalucia’ App facilitates access to the EU COVID Digital Certificate with a new identification method , which includes personal data and mobile verification. This system requires entering a PIN code into the application that is sent to the user’s mobile phone to complete the authentication process.
The ‘Salud Andalucia’ App facilitates access to the EU COVID Digital Certificate with a new identification method, which includes personal data and mobile verification
Thus, lastly, if the user meets the necessary requirements to issue the COVID Digital Certificate, they will be able to download an accrediting PDF document and obtain the QR code that allows verification by the country to which they are going to travel that they are in good condition. Optimal and risk-free health services to be able to travel.

Delivery of the Covid certificate by postal mail

The COVID Digital Certificate can also be obtained at the health center, by completing the ‘Proxy Granting Form’ and attaching the required documentation. You can request your prior appointment through the administrative procedures in ClicSalud+, the App and the Salud Responde telephone number.
In addition, the Andalusian Government has confirmed that all people over 65 years of age will also receive this health certificate by post at their homes.
Name, date of birth, date of issue, type of vaccine that has been administered / the test that has been carried out / or the date on which we overcome the disease and a unique identifier are some of the data that are included in the Covid passport -19 .
From the EU they have placed special emphasis on the security of the data offered by users in their respective countries, emphasizing that they are not stored or kept in the country they visit.

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