Do you want to create an irrigation system for your garden
Find out how to do underground irrigation in this article.

It happens very often that those who have a large or medium-sized garden look for different solutions for their irrigation. In fact, it is not easy to irrigate such a large land but above all it is very annoying to have hidden and unsafe pipes around the lawn that can represent a risk for us but also for our small children if we have any. This is why many choose underground irrigation. In this article we will explain what you will need to do if you intend to build a do-it-yourself underground irrigation system, that is, without contacting an expert. Continue this reading. What you need
Before talking about how to make the system you will have to learn about its components, which is why we will now show you all the products you will need and which you will need to equip yourself to make one. Here is the complete list:
– Irrigation pipes are specific garden pipes
– Irrigation fittings of various kinds, you will find that there are bends, straight fittings and fittings and you will understand which ones you will need after completing the project.
– Irrigation control unit or programmer and an electronic device that will allow us to establish how and when to start irrigation. Let us also consider the control room of the entire plant.
– Solenoid valves are valves that open and close when the input of the control unit arrives. The input will arrive according to what we planned.
– Concealed or pop-up sprinklers are devices made specifically for underground systems. When the jet of water arrives through the pipes they rise and provide irrigation, when the water runs out they go back to hiding in the ground. They are to be chosen based on the size of our garden, therefore we must consider the throw parameter in order not to risk watering the neighborhood or the road that surrounds our garden.
– Shovel to create the traces of the system. Carry out the project
In order to create a perfect underground irrigation system we have to sit down and study our garden to create a precise project. So let’s make a scale drawing on paper and start studying the best way to completely irrigate the garden. We therefore consider that we will have to carry out an underground system and therefore everything must be placed underground. We study how to position the pipes and to do it we start from how to connect the water to our garden, we already have an external system
Or we have to create the connection
Our garden has a square shape
Surrounds the house
It has the shape of L
You will have to study the best solution for your spaces. Consider using curve or tee fittings for the corners of the house so that you don’t have to create more than one different system. Try to create a simple and not too elaborate system, therefore try to follow one or more straight lines and to use T or curves only if strictly necessary. To be effective, the system must have a well-studied and non-confusing project. Create the underground irrigation system
Now all you have to do is build the actual system. Therefore, start digging the ground following the project you have made. Remember that all components must be underground. After you have set up the entire system and run a trial test, you can cover it all. Before putting everything back underground, make sure there are no leaks, blind spots and that every joint has been perfectly executed. The best advantage that you will find, in addition to obtaining a safe garden, will be that of being able to program the irrigation according to your needs.

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