If we are clear about something this season, it is that when it comes to trends in haircuts, any proposal is good. Girls with long hair, those who prefer to wear short hair, those who change their look every two or three and those who seek an ally for their hair deficiencies in their styling have found their perfect haircut this season, especially if we talk of bob haircuts. Although, if we are clear about something this year, it is that, regardless of the haircut that is most in trend, what is really in order is to bet on a fringe .
We know that this season there are many haircuts that coexist in perfect harmonyso that you opt for the one you like the most or the one that favors you the most, but what is really going to give that touch that your haircut lacks is to bet on cutting your bangs , and more so this spring-summer.
When betting on a haircut, we usually take into account factors such as the features of our face or what we want to enhance based on our age. Well, the same thing happens with bangs. Not all fringes favor all faces, nor are all faces prepared for what type of fringe . Therefore, if you have decided to give your hair styling a change of scenery, you should know what kind of bangs there are and how you should cut them according to your face .
A good fringe, if facial features are taken into account, can help us to enhance our features much more and even improve that haircut that does not convince us and that seems to have no solution. We give you the keys to choose your bangs and make your change of look a success.

Sweeping bangs for a square

face A square face presents quite hard features. With a wide forehead, cheekbones and a very marked jawline, the square face needs to soften its features and a fringe is the best option. As a first fringe we propose a paraded one to give movement to the face area and thus sweeten the face.. The idea is that this fringe is very light and that its length reaches the eyelashes. Try to avoid straight and dense bangs, which will further mark the features of a square face.

Bangs in a pixie haircut for a square face

If you have a square face and have chosen to wear your hair very short, with a pixie style, we have a bang that is ideal for you. The idea is that you bet on giving volume to the hair and bet on some waves and cover the forehead area with the bangs to give an asymmetrical point to the face . High volume and slightly wavy, in the middle, we cover the widest part of the forehead with the bangs to provide an asymmetry to the face that breaks with the geometric effect.

Straight bangs for an oval face
We have already stated it in previous articles, the oval face is the most versatile of all. It is harmonious, it has no areas that stand out above others and it is perfectly proportioned, which makes any haircut look good on this face. The same thing happens with the bangs. Since everything looks good on this face, we suggest you dare with a straight fringe with a touch of volume . For giving a change of scenery to a face that admits everything.

Bangs ‘baby bang’ for an oval face
The baby bang was famous in the 60s and 70s and Audrey Hepburn was one of its greatest exponents. It was back in fashion in the 90s but, currently, it is a fringe reserved for the most risky. Or for those to whom any haircut suits them. As is the case with women with an oval face. If you are looking to give your haircut a new look , go for a baby bang. In addition, this type of bangs also suits women with a somewhat elongated face and a large forehead.

Volume bangs for long faces
Visual effects play a very important role in this type of face. If it is advisable not to bet on wearing long hair and making layers the best allies to break with the elongated effect, betting on a fringe to achieve it is another of the best tricks. This type of face looks great with bangs because it breaks with the verticality of the face . You can shorten the features by betting on a fringe with a parting in the middle, giving a lot of volume to the sides. Combine your voluminous bangs with natural waves to finish shortening your features.

Angled bangs for an elongated face

The angled bangs is another very flattering option if you have an elongated face, since it brings balance to the faceand gives it a casual look. Bet on parading its ends to create a sensation of movement and do not play to shorten the length too much, since a very short fringe will lengthen your face even more.

Curtain bangs for a round face

This type of face requires that the haircut stylizes your features. Therefore, betting on a curtain fringe is the best option. It is recommended that the line is not in the center, but a little to the side to stylize the face and not give a greater sensation of roundness. Bet on giving volume to the roots of the bangsto give the sensation of elongation. It is recommended that the length of the fringe falls on the cheeks to give the desired visual effect. Remember that the volume should always be above the temples or below the jaw to achieve the elongated effect.

Angled bangs for a round face

This type of bangs is the one that most favors round faces, as it helps to create an asymmetrical effect that visually enhances elongation. It is an ideal way to break the contours of the face by adding an asymmetry with the hair. You can complete the hair styling by betting on a medium length of hair with the ends somewhat paraded.

Angled bangs for a rectangular face
The lopsided fringe is the one that offers the best answers when it comes to enhancing or softening features. In the case of rectangular faces, we opt for a slanted fringe to hide the width of the temples and, in addition, create volume from the chin. Go for strands paraded around the face and look for movement through layers and waves. If you want the visual effect to be complete, bet on subtle highlights in light tones that give a touch of light to the face.

Straight and bushy bangs for a triangular face Triangular

-shaped faces, in addition to being elongated, have a narrow forehead and the jaw becomes the widest area of ​​the face. When betting on a fringe on this type of face, it is advisable to providevolume in the narrowest areas , that is, in the forehead area. A straight and thick fringe below the eyebrows is a very flattering option, since it hides the upper part of the face and harmonizes the rest of the face.

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