With the arrival of January the magic of the Holidays slowly dissolves and we find ourselves dealing with new beginnings and commitments that seem to literally catapult us out of that condition of relaxation and serenity that we breathed until a few days before. Even the furniture is stripped of the decorative objects for the Christmas home and gradually returns to normalcy, perhaps a little more dull and empty.
So what to do to prevent this from happening too abruptly and to ensure that our home remains a warm welcoming nest even after returning from
holidays a world that we like and that corresponds to us,surrounded by decorative objects for the home that make the environment we live every day more pleasant . For example, why give up Christmas decorations
We can find them a new space in the house by reusing them in a different and unexpected way. Decorating lights and decorative objects for the home The lanterns around the tree have lit up our Christmas evenings with grace and warmth and now we can continue to use them all year round to disseminate suggestive light points in the house.
In the corridor, for example, the lanterns resting on the floor create a nice illuminated path while in a veranda with large windows they can be transformed into pleasant modern furnishing accessories and keep us company on winter afternoons of reading until sunset. What about candles, romantic and scented, warm the atmosphere, not only at Christmas. Placed on the shelves or on the bookcase they create powerful chiaroscuro, around the bathtub they accompany moments of relaxation with a welcoming embrace, while used as a center table they make dinners with friends even more pleasant. The threads of lights that were hung on the tree, on the other hand, applied to the head of the bed will give a touch of romance to our room or fixed to the bookcase will warm the atmosphere of the whole house.
And speaking of bookshelves, there are truly magical objects, modern furnishing accessories that were not created just for Christmas , but to open up extraordinary worlds all year round: diorama bookends . The diorama bookends that open unexpected scenarios
A diorama is an object that reproduces an object or setting on a reduced scale. Monde is a Japanese designer who is a true master of the art of miniatures and has created diorama bookends that reveal glimpses, streets, parts of the city among the books placed on the bookshelves of our homes. Following the intuition of reading that opens real worlds beyond our daily reality, the artist was inspired by his city to create these design bookends that create mysterious and fascinating glimpses between the shelves.
“I thought it would be interesting to create an alley in the gap between the books,” commented Monde, amazed at the success of his diorama bookends., real works of art entitled “Tokyo stories” and presented at the Designer Fiesta of the Japanese capital.
What could be simple decorative objects for the home , become open doors to the imagination, to experience the home environment in a different way, like a nest in which to allow us to escape with the mind towards dream destinations and recharge after the days more tiring. The extra touch: from waste to decorative objects
Finally, after arranging light points and enriching the shelves with diorama bookends, to refine the spaces with a completely personal touch, many of the waste from past holidays can be reused to transform into modern furnishing accessories .
For example: how many bottles did we uncork between a dinner and a lunch
All those corks , carefully cut and cleaned, can be glued on plywood panels cut in the shape we prefer, and hung on the wall as nice decorative objects for the home . match with our modern, classic or shabby furnishing accessories.
To perfume the atmosphere and always feel as if we were in a cozy mountain hut, we can reuse fragments of garlands or sprigs of pine to create excellent pot-purri to be placed in different corners of the house .
Thanks to these original decorative objects for the home, to the design bookends and many other ideas to experiment, we can truly create a welcoming home environment, in which to keep some of the magic of the holidays throughout the rest of the year .

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