Raise your hand if you don’t snort when the iron plate gets dark, dirty and is a victim of wild limescale. Yes, the idea of ​​cleaning the iron can make lazy people tremble, but it is a routine care necessary both to facilitate a perfect and stain-free ironing and to guarantee a long life for the iron itself. To remove limescale and dirt, no special chemical products are required: just rely on the classic grandmother’s remedies and the result is guaranteed, along with savings and satisfaction. How to clean the iron soleplate with vinegar and baking soda
Let’s find out. How often to clean the soleplate
Before dealing with how to clean it, it is good to find out how often to clean the iron plate for optimal use and to make it last as long as possible: experts recommend cleaning at least once a week if we iron a lot. If, on the other hand, you dedicate yourself to ironing once in a while, well, the times between one cleaning and the other can expand – but not too much: the accumulated limescale is a great enemy of the iron. How to clean the iron with vinegar and salt
For the first of the remedies you just need what you have in the pantry. Clean the soleplate of the iron with vinegarand coarse salt is very easy: if the first ingredient has a known disinfectant and polishing effect, the second helps to degrease and scrape off (with delicacy, of course) the most resistant limestone blocks. Just fill a basin with warm water, a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and two tablespoons of coarse salt .
At this point we must mix to dissolve the salt and, once done, soak a microfiber cloth or a delicate sponge and then pass it on the plate – which must be cold. If the stains resist any attempt to remove, you can switch to an abrasive sponge to use carefully. After cleaning the iron plate, dry it carefully with kitchen paper or a dry cloth. Watch out for lint that could stick!
It is also possible to use vinegar alone : ​​just fill a basin halfway with warm water, add 5 tablespoons of white wine vinegar and dip the usual cloth to clean. Vinegar is also great for scraping the iron boiler: just put half lukewarm water and half wine vinegar in a cup, then pour everything into the boiler and bring the iron to temperature. At this point we let out all the steam and wait for it to cool, then empty the residues. How to clean the iron with bicarbonate
The other natural remedy always includes a protagonist ingredient of the pantry for its versatility: it is possible to clean the iron with bicarbonate in a few simple steps. The procedure is simple: take a bowl, fill it with warm water and add a generous spoonful of bicarbonate(even two, in the case of stubborn and consolidated dirt). We dip a microfiber cloth or sponge, squeeze well and pass the iron plate. After cleaning the surface, dry it with a dry cloth or kitchen paper. The game is done.

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