Having a clean and tidy kitchen is everyone’s dream: it is really true that, using the right cleaning products , guarantees a longer life of the furnishings and, in particular, of the hob. Whether it is gas or induction, it doesn’t matter: always keep it clean and avoid spending twice as much to replace or fix it. The hobs can be made of different and various materials: glass, cast iron, steel, gas or induction. Each of them, therefore, requires a certain cleaning technique and the use of specific products.
Basically, the hoband very difficult to keep clean, especially if used every day to cook complex and demanding dishes. The more dirt is left on the stove, the more complicated it becomes to remove it and have a perfectly clean hob , just like new. In particular, if you have a steel hob, you will need to take care to promptly remove oil, sauce, coffee stains. But be very careful: steel is very delicate , you could risk scratching it and ruining it forever. Cleaning a glass hob
Cleaning a glass hobit must be done very carefully, but also delicately. In fact, glass is a very special material which, if not treated properly, risks being ruined by scratches and halos that are almost impossible to remove. This operation is not impossible, but making it brilliant on the first try implies a tiring and demanding job. However, it would be easier if this activity became fun and enjoyable: once you have put all the dishes in the dishwasher, it’s time to clean the hob. As we have said, the ideal would be to clean after each meal, in fact if the stains to be removed are recent, the work will be less tiring. In case of recent stains, we advise you to clean your glass hob with a microfibre cloth and a good degreaser.
You could even choose to use a colored one for a little extra flavor! The degreaser , in fact, is the ideal product to remove recently formed encrustations. On the other hand, if you find yourself fighting with resistant stains that have been present for longer, it will be necessary to act in an alternative way. These are certainly the most difficult and tiring to remove: use a stainless steel anti-scratch sponge and a degreaser. By doing this, even the most stubborn dirt will be eliminated immediately! It is clear that this is a cleaning operation that requires more time than the first and that is why it is advisableclean the hob every time you finish cooking. By doing so, you will avoid too much effort and will be able to keep it optimally over time. Then, don’t forget to wash the nozzles and burners thoroughly as well. Cleaning a cast iron hob
A cast iron hob is less delicate than a glass one, but this does not mean that it does not need to be cleaned thoroughly every day. Cast iron, in fact, is a ferrous alloy with a high presence of carbon and is widely used for the construction of hobs. Compared to other materials, it is very resistant to rust and abrasion and preferred by many women in the kitchen. Furthermore, it has a huge advantage, such as resistance to high temperatures thanks to its inimitable ability to retain and release heat gradually. You already know how to properly clean your cast iron hob
. In case of stubborn stains and encrustations , it is good to spray a quality degreaser. Finding a good product is not difficult, just go to the supermarket or a shop that sells items from home to be able to compare with a wide range of products. Spray the right amount of degreaser on the cast iron hob and use a glass cloth to remove all the dirt. Easy, true
Alternatively, you could choose to create a DIY product with warm vinegar and baking soda: leave it on for about half an hour and then remove with a sponge. A mixture of water and lemon juice, along with dish soap, is also perfect for removing leftover gravy and oil. Be very careful not to wash the cast iron components of your hob in the dishwasher: you risk having to buy a new hob! Cleaning an induction hob
The induction hob is modern, of great design, easy to use: but you really know the best techniques to clean it correctly
It is good to underline the advantages of this kind of hob, especially if you are one of those people who hate scrapping grids and nozzles: the induction hob is very simple, both to use and to clean, but it is good to take some precautions into consideration. It is very important not to damage the glass ceramic coating so as not to compromise the design of the hob itself. In fact, with the utmost delicacy, you can remove grease and dirt without causing unwanted scratches and halos.
As with all other hobs,It is very important to immediately clean stains and liquids that have leaked from the pots, so as not to have to do a double job later. By doing so, you can prevent dirt from becoming encrusted and act promptly. First of all, moisten the residues of grease and oil, but also all the others, with a few drops of water, in such a way as to weaken the grip on the surface. Help yourself with a sponge to remove all the stains. In case of stubborn and resistant dirt, it is good to consider the possibility of eradicating the halos with the aid of a specific detergent and a sponge, easily purchased in a shop. Forget about using abrasive spongesif you don’t want to completely ruin your induction hob. In particular, the products created specifically for this type of material are very valid, as they combine high cleaning power and low aggressiveness. They cost a few euros more than the classic degreaser, but the result is excellent and guaranteed. Are you looking for a home made method for cleaning an induction hob
We have also thought of that: combine water and vinegar and rediscover the pleasure of a shining kitchen at any moment. Once a week, use these two ingredients with a water-soaked tea towel for a clean, ad hoc hob. Cleaning a gas hob
The gas hobit is the most classic and present in most Italian kitchens. However, it is possible to make it shine to the best of its ability by following some very specific cleaning techniques. Its use has a number of notable advantages: being composed of burners, it makes monitoring the flame very easy. Whenever you choose to dabble in the kitchen creating new dishes, your hob is bound to get dirty and stained , inexorably. However, you can work hard to keep it shiny and clean by following a few simple steps. The burners too often become clogged with dirt and particular attention must be paid to them too.
First, remove the racks and let them soak in water and detergent for ten minutes. Then use an abrasive sponge to remove encrustations quickly and easily. The second step is to remove the ceramic discs of the burners to be able to clean them properly: warm water and detergent will be sufficient to disinfect them completely. Finally, after having emptied the hob, it is time to remove any residual dirt from the surface: with a sponge soaked in water and dish soap, you will be perfectly able to remove any residue.

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