Perhaps not everyone knows that housework and in particular cleaning the floors is very good for the line. Regular vacuuming or brushing burns up to 200 calories per hour . The war on household dirt therefore not only offers immaculate living rooms and bedrooms, but also a better relationship with the scales. So to work!
Different cleaning methods correspond to different materials, but in general the steps to follow are always three: 1) Sweeping : vacuum cleaner or broom to collect the bulk and crumbs. 2) Wash : water, rag, mop or mop soaked in water and possibly soap or specific detergent. 3) Dry: soft cloth or dry cloth to make everything shine
Always remember to change the water in the bucket when you change rooms and use different rags to clean the bathroom and kitchen. A trick is that of the two buckets : one with clean water and one to collect the squeezed and dirty water. Let the brushes dry upside down, otherwise they rot and to make the corners and critical points shine, there is no escape: hands, knees and elbow grease are irreplaceable!
Let’s go into the details:

  • Parquet and wooden floors
    Keeping laminate wood floors free from dust and dirt is not a business, if they are covered with the protective “varnish”, just pick up the crumbs with a broom or vacuum cleaner and then proceed with a cloth or mop wet only with not hot water and well wrung out. Too much water damages the coating. At most you can use a specific non-foaming detergent that does not contain alcohol or ammonia. Also for cleaning wax-finished (opaque) parquet you can proceed as for varnished parquet, but taking care to periodically pass a coat of protective wax, allowing it to be absorbed by the wood in order to form a good protection .
  • Tiles or linoleum
    After sweeping the floor, wash the surface with warm soapy water, using a rag or a broom and for everything to shine, dry immediately afterwards with a soft cloth. A mixture of water and white vinegar will restore the shine to the ceramic tiles. Instead, avoid wax which would make them too slippery.
  • Carpet
    Soft and comfortable, without the right care it turns into a receptacle for dust, mites, allergens and filth. Vacuuming regularly, several times a week and even in corners is a diktat. To erase the marks of heavy furniture or objects use an ice cube, wait for it to melt and then gently wipe with a soft brush. For spill stains, seltzer water is an excellent remedy, bubbles bring dirt to the surface that can be washed off. To remove stubborn dirt or marks you can use a foam obtained by “shaking” water and a few drops of washing up liquid. Delicate brush and clean white cloths will be your allies. At least once a year a deep cleaning with specific shampoo and steam machine will be necessary.
  • Marble
    After having swept well, proceed to degrease carefully by passing a rag soaked in hot water and alcohol, then rinse well and start cleaning with a specific detergent. An excellent do-it-yourself cleaner is obtained by mixing 3 liters of water, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 5 tablespoons of alcohol and a few flakes of Marseille soap. Then wash your floor with the help of a cloth, better if in microfiber that captures the dirt more thoroughly.
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