It would always be good to hope that in a wedding the attention of all after being dedicated to the bride, is oriented at least in second place towards the groom, the bitterest truth is instead that this is occupied by the dress. Seriously, the dress is really something very important , since in addition to the presentation of the bride it also represents her way of externalizing her femininity, so when we choose it it is essential, even before the dress itself, to evaluate what actually can give us more. And as we have seen, it is possible to choose a model that best enhances us even if we are not a top model….!
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Here, then, are some tips on how to orient yourself towards the most suitable wedding dress based on your physicality and on which hairstyle to adopt to enhance your face more. 1. Wide or angular face
Your cut is characterized by soft, classic or cheeky lines, because with sweetness you get everything , say the wise men, and austerity is not suitable for holidays. 2. Rounded face
In this case, the advice of the experts lead to prefer a hairstyle that enhances the lines of the face, such as, for example, a “loose” cut that visually tapers the cheeks; if desired, even a “high” hairstyle can be particularly suitable. It is one of the undisputed must-haves in terms of hairstyles for the 2017 bride, as this photogallery shows us. 3. Matters of height
If you are small in stature it is better not to opt for a hairstyle that is too heavy and complicated, or to wear your hair down if it is very long; this type of hairstyles could make you look even less tall.
Photo via Shutterstock 4. Less pronounced features
Yours is a thin face with minute featuresand wearing your hair in a bun could unbalance the proportions between head and body, especially if you are wearing a fluffy and important dress. 5. The strength of simplicity
If your dress is simple and linear , choosing an equally simple and linear hairstyle will be the perfect ingredient, but it will also be fine to move towards a slightly unusual and particular one, especially if the dress has more modern lines. . Why not opt ​​for a simple but elegant ponytail 6. Long and fluffy dress
If you wear a long and fluffy dress, or rich in details in tulle and lace, you should focus on a classic hairstyle that harmonizes with the style, without exaggerating too much with elaborations of any kind, also because your dress is already focusing on refinement. This foresight serves to focus the other’s gaze on a defined focus without losing admiration! The braid can be the perfect solution, here are the most beautiful variations!
The only real advice is however: feel at ease . Which is true, it is one of those evergreens to always keep in mind, but which on your wedding day can only take on a particularly special meaning. Invited to the roll call, if the bride presents herself with an innovative cut, watch out for the comments: here are the 5 phrases to avoid!

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