The kitchen top is an essential element within a composition. It is in fact the block that surmounts the bases and, in many cases, separates the burners from the sink. It is used above all as a work surface , to prepare the ingredients and have them at hand when you move to the stove. In addition to this, it is also a decorative element of great impact.
Given the importance of the kitchen top for its functionality and design, it must be chosen with care. However, the options are many and it is normal that you feel a little confused. We therefore want to give you some advice to better orient yourself. In this way you will have very clear which characteristicsshould have the plan and what are the best materials . What characteristics should a kitchen top have ?
To choose between the different materials of a kitchen top , you must first evaluate what your specific needs are. First of all, the plan must be coordinated with the bases and furniture of any living area , if you need to furnish an open space. Alongside the aesthetic characteristics, it is however important to also evaluate the functional ones.
Beyond your preferences in terms of design, let’s see together what are the essential characteristics of any kitchen top. Depending on how you use them, some of these may be more or less important than others. Scratch Resistance
You will probably use your kitchen counter to cut vegetables, put down groceries, make coffee, and so on. Sooner or later, you will make a wrong movement with the knife or rub something rough against the counter. This is why a good kitchen top must be scratch resistant ; otherwise, you risk it getting damaged after a few months of use.
Scratch resistance can be given by three things:

  • hardness of the material, which makes it difficult to leave visible marks;
  • finishes that hide any scratches, such as embossed ones;
  • possibility to restore the surface, as in the case of marble.

The quartz kitchen tops are the most resistant to scratches, along with granite and ceramic . Laminate also has good resistance. On the other hand, polished or satin-finished steel tends to be quite vulnerable. Stain resistance
If you love tea or coffee, you know how much they stain surfaces. If you’re not careful, you risk finding dark streaks all over the kitchen top . However, this is true for many other foods and drinks, such as wine, red fruits, sauces. For this reason, your hob needs to be easy to clean and stain resistant.
The materials for the kitchen topmore vulnerable are the porous ones, which allow liquids to penetrate. A rough wooden top is therefore much more vulnerable than a steel one. In addition to the basic properties of the material, you must also check whether it has undergone treatments that improve its performance.
Let’s take quartz kitchen tops . Natural quartz is easy to stain as it is porous. To use it in the kitchen, it must undergo an anti-stain treatment . Another stain resistant option are laminate kitchen tops . Heat resistance
The easiest way to protect a top from hot pots is to use a trivet. Nonetheless, it can happen that you don’t have one on hand or you don’t know where to put a pan just out of the oven. In all of these cases, you need a heat-resistant kitchen top .
From this point of view, the best materials are steel and granite . Laminate tops, on the other hand, tend to be damaged more easily in contact with hot surfaces. So if you have the habit of placing the hot coffee pot on the first place you find, it is better to avoid them.
It must be said that almost all kitchen countertop materials have limited resistance anyway. If you leave a red-hot pot on a hob for tens of minutes, it is likely to spoil anyway. In the case of a marble or stone top, the damage will only be aesthetic, but it would still be a pity. So try to remove the pot within a few minutes. Which materials to choose for the kitchen top
Today’s kitchens can be customized with a wide range of tops, made of all types of materials and colors. The idea is to help you not only get the design you prefer, but also the functional features you give the most weight to. Prefer a heat-resistant or scratch-resistant or easy-to-clean top
Depending on your answer, the choice you make will also change.
Given the offer available in the market, it is impossible to see allmaterials for kitchen tops . But we can focus on the most popular ones . Kitchen worktop in postformed laminate
A few years ago, it was the most popular type of hob. A kitchen top in postformed laminate and in fact an excellent compromise between price and quality. In addition to being cheap, it also:

  • versatile, available in many colors and with many finishes;
  • with excellent scratch resistance;
  • easy to clean.

The problem is that it is also very sensitive to heat : a pan that is a little too hot is enough to ruin the top. Top for the kitchen in stratified laminate
These are the evolution of the tops seen above, made with layers of thermosetting resin . This gives them all the advantages of older laminate kitchen tops , but without the flaws. Among the new advantages are:

  • waterproofness, which allows the sink bowls to be integrated into the top;
  • resistance to temperatures up to 180 ° C ;
  • resistance to fats.

The stratified laminate tops are therefore aesthetically versatile like those in postformed, but more resistant. Quartz kitchen tops
The quartz kitchen tops are made of 95% quartz and 5% resins, so as to increase their impermeability . The combination of the two materials makes them smooth and non-porous, stain resistant and hygienic. In addition, quartz resists abrasion and is difficult to scratch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer as good a performance in the heat.
Quartz is an excellent choice if you have children or if you tend to dirty the floors a lot: you don’t risk finding unsightly halos after a couple of months. However, if you are among those who want to be able to place the coffee maker on the top, you should choose other materials for the kitchen tops . Kitchen tops in marble or granite Marble and granite are the materials that best combine functionality and aesthetics , but they are also the most expensive. Marble, in particular, is the symbol of luxury kitchens and reaches high prices. Granite is a little cheaper, but it remains a high-end choice.
Both materials are perfect if you are looking for a hygienic and easy to clean top. In the case of marble, however, make sure that it has undergone special stain-resistant treatments . The two types of kitchen tops are also heat resistant , great if you love baking and you never know where to put the pan. But make sure not to leave hot objects on the top for too long: you risk that they will still leave their mark.
There are an infinite number of tops available, especially if you focus on modular kitchens. Choose the one that’s right for you and get ready: your new kitchen is just waiting to be experienced!

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