Today’s televisions are 3 or 4 centimeters thick at the most, nothing compared to the old cathode ray tubes of 30 centimeters and passes. Despite this, they still need space and a minimum of protection. All while respecting the design of the rest of the room. What Kind of TV Cabinet Guarantees All This
As always when it comes to furniture, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The choice of the TV cabinet depends on the room you are going to, the style of furniture, your habits. So let’s try to make a little order, so that you can better orient yourself in the choice:

  • Which TV cabinet do you need
    • Television in the bedroom: retractable TV cabinet
    • Attic: low cabinet for TV
    • Many rooms, one TV: TV cabinets with wheels
    • Little space: corner cabinet for TV
  • What is the right height for the TV cabinet
  • The materials of a modern TV cabinet

Which TV cabinet do you need
The TV cabinet has a practical function rather than an aesthetic one. To find the right one for you, therefore, you need to think about how you will use it and any problems to be solved. How big is the TV
You have little space or an entire wall dedicated
Andra in the bedroom or living room
Details such as color and material will come later.
Some of the solutions that we will see in the next paragraphs are quite well known: those who have never seen a self-propelled cabinet
There are others, however, less known that could solve various problems. Television in the bedroom: retractable TV cabinet
Put the television in the bedroomand almost always a bad idea: the harmful effects on couple life, sleep and childhood development are proven. In some cases, however, the choice is almost inevitable. For teenagers and off-site students , for example, the bedroom is a private space to live at 360 °. It is normal for them to want a TV of their own, to watch alone or with friends.
A retractable TV cabinet reconciles all the above needs. During the day, when the room serves as a sitting room or study, the television can remain in plain sight. When night falls, it disappears behind a panel and allows you to sleep peacefully.
There are many types of retractable furniture. The simplest ones are equipped with asliding or hinged door , to be closed in front of the TV. This is a solution especially suitable for living room wall units, however. The swing doors to hang the TV on are based on a similar approach to the question.
For the bedroom, you should opt for a motorized retractable TV cabinet . The cabinet looks like a cupboard or coffee table, but hides an engine. When you click it, a flap opens and the TV appears. Once you finish using it, the TV disappears back into the cabinet . Attic: low cabinet for TV
Furnishing an attic can be problematic. In the worst cases, you don’t have enough space to mount an entire wall unit and even classic TV cabinets are too tall . In these cases, you need a low TV cabinet .
The “how low” of the TV cabinets depends on the model: they range from 20 centimeters to 50 centimeters. The device is in any case low to the ground, almost unwatchable from a sofa of medium height. For this reason, a low TV cabinet must always be combined with an equally low furniture.
We will elaborate on this in one of the next paragraphs.Many rooms, one TV: TV cabinets with wheels TV cabinets of this type
are one of the most classic and versatile solutions. They are in fact traditional television cabinets , equipped with four wheels to move them. In this way you can move the TV from one room to another, without having to take it apart and also taking any players and speakers with you.
The most basic furniture with wheels has a TV stand , a shelf and wheels. They are mainly used in offices or schools; they have an elementary design, which makes them economical. You might want something a little more complex for your home, though.
On the market you can also find television cabinets with designer wheels . The materials range from wood to glass and can be both large and small. In some cases, they’re large enough to accommodate your DVD collection and audio speakers as well . Little space: corner TV cabinet
Lack of space is a typical problem of today’s homes, as we have already seen in the article on how to furnish a studio apartment. But choosing the right furniture helps you to recover precious space, taking advantage of areas that would remain unused . That’s why you should prefer multifunctional furniture, mini bookcases and wall units. This reasoning also applies to TV furniture.
If you don’t watch TV a lot or don’t have space for a wall unit, you can choose a TV corner cabinet . The name is explanatory: it is a piece of furniture with a triangular base , designed to also exploit the corners. Depending on the model, it can be individual or integrated into a modular living room .
On the market you will find many types of corner TV furniture . The basic models are low, equipped with a base for the TV and shelves for players and DVDs. The larger pieces of furniture also have doors and drawers , which allows you to save even more space. What is the right height for the TV cabinet
To watch television properly , you need to put the device at the right height and distance . Specific measures depend on:

  • height of the TV cabinet ;
  • seat height ;
  • appliance size.

To orient yourself, however, you can use the following criterion. First of all, decide at what height your eyes will be . Once this is done, position the television so that the screen is only 1/3 above your eyes . The distance between the TV cabinet and the seat , on the other hand, should be 3 times the height of the appliance .
If you have a 32 “TV, for example, the optimal distance is 140 centimeters from the sofa. If you have a traditional sofa or armchair, the ideal height of the appliance is between 95 and 100 centimeters from the floor
. lighting _: If possible, avoid placing the TV cabinet parallel to the window. A big no also to the lamps above the television, which could throw annoying reflections on the screen. Instead, attach LED spotlights to the corners of the cabinet to illuminate the back of the fixture . The materials of a modern TV cabinet
A modern TV cabinet is available in a wide range of materials, each with strengths and weaknesses. Wood is certainly the most classic solution: it is versatile, suitable for all types of designs. It can be used for a shabby , romantic or minimal furniture door. It is available in many colors, and is durable and easy to clean.
As an alternative to wood, you can also choose from the following materials:

  • Glass , elegant but tiring to maintain. A fingertip is all it takes to make it immediately look dirty and it is less impact resistant than wood. Not suitable for homes with children and animals.
  • Metal , resistant and minimal. It doesn’t have the warmth of wood, but goes well with industrial and ultra-modern designs. You can choose between matte and glossy finishes.
  • Composite material, to combine the advantages of all the materials seen above. You can have a wooden or metal structure, enriched with glass doors.

Give space to your imagination, look around and, following our advice, we are sure you will choose the most suitable for your home among the many TV cabinets!

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