You want to change your living room and are thinking of replacing the old sofa or armchairs with something more modern.
Maybe you have even spotted a nice carpet or curtains to revive the color of the room!
But what about lighting
Despite being an element to which most people pay little attention, the architects underline how the right lights, and therefore the lamps and chandeliers suitable for the environment, are among the fundamental points to be analyzed in the moment of choice of furniture. “Lighting is now synonymous with furnishing”, so it is in fact written in a very interesting article published in the Lifestyle Design & Garden section of
Changing only the lighting can actually be the solution to liven up or modernize the room.
The lamps and chandeliers on the market today are really great for decorating your living room. In fact, there are models and types suitable for every style and, before completely transforming your home, it is worth trying to modify the lighting to see if it is possible to obtain the desired effect with some small tricks of this kind. Chandeliers for the living room.
If there seems to be something wrong with the living room d├ęcor, but you can’t figure out what it is, it may be the lighting.
In fact, in every self-respecting living room, there must be a good light that allows you to fully enjoy this room, considered by many to be the heart of the house.
If your sofa is flashy and the tones chosen for the walls are really eccentric, perhaps you will need simple ceiling lights or spotlights that can illuminate the right corners. But even in this case it will be very important to choose the right tone and intensity of light to make the environment as welcoming as possible.
If, on the other hand, you have chosen minimal furniture, a decorative chandelier could really make the difference and make an anonymous living room the true protagonist of your home. Some proposals from the major brands of chandeliers, such as Flos or Foscarini, are ideal models for decorating modern or vintage homes. The creativity of a light point can capture the attention of anyone who enters the living room and enrich or enhance the remaining furniture. Furnishing lamps
Often in the living rooms, even in the homes of those who do not actually like to read, there is a ‘reading corner’, that is a place with an armchair and a coffee table where there is almost always a floor lamp, a lamp with the base resting on the ground . In this space it is essential to have the right light, in fact if you use the armchair to read your favorite books, it will be important to see well, and therefore it is necessary to choose a suitable lamp that illuminates and decorates at the same time.
This corner can really make the difference if you choose a furnishing lamp with a strong and elegant taste in tone with the style of the rest of the furniture. Visiting the site you will find many ideas to choose the best.
In many modern living rooms there are also cupboards, similar to bedroom dressers but having the function of the more traditional sideboards. Above these pieces of furniture are usually placed vases or paintings and, even in this case, it is possible to liven up the area with the right lighting. A little like bedside table lamps, you can decide to place a beautiful lamp on the sideboard which, in addition to illuminating, will decorate your living room. For those who love modern style, there are now also witty or minimal solutions on the market that go well with the new furnishing standards.
Whatever the style chosen for the furnishing of your home, it will be easy to find the right lighting that will enhance the furniture purchased. By visiting the Animosi website you can opt for different solutions with various price ranges. You can ask for the help of a consultant who will kindly show you the options available and closest to your needs.
Don’t forget that light completely changes the look of a room: it can therefore improve it but also make it worse by making bad choices. Relying on shops that deal with famous brands, as Animosi does, and therefore the best choice to enhance our home!

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